Priming the Pump…

Author / Editor: Anna Lou Villena, Eastern & Asian Editor: International Perspectives & Cultural Analyst Face Book:  Anna Lou Hi Frank! This is OUR week– and thank you for this opportunity again to share my thoughts 🙂 Best regards, Anna [18] “Priming the PUMP” in the Perfusion Arena On a classical pattern of my life […]

A Medical Mission to the Philippines: OCA

“They say that the first step is the hardest in every journey of life’s mission…” Author / Editor: Hi Frank! Catching up…and thank you for this opportunity again to share my thoughts 🙂 Best regards, Anna [17] OCA’s Mission to Mindanao Heart Center on its 7th year IN RETROSPECT I should say that “MISSION is […]

The Paradigm Shift of the Innocent Minds

“There is innocence in admiration and it occurs to those who have not yet realized that they might one day be admired.” Author / Editor: Co-Editor Anna Lou Villena 🙂 [16] Making the perfusion arena known to the innocent minds of the 5th graders from Changchun American International School was challenging and yet turned out […]

Welcome to the Circuit Surfers Editorial Staff: Steve Sutton!

Click images to view profiles Editor’s Note: Steve Sutton is well known and highly regarded into today’s Perfusion community.  He is a strong proponent for advancing Perfusion education and in pursuing that goal,  he has given numerous presentations at some of the most  premier Perfusion meetings held each year. Along with his dedication to Perfusion […]

Pumping Down in Hybrid !

” Proper collaboration and teamwork among cardiothoracic surgeon and anesthesiologist, cardiologist, perfusionist, technician and nurses are very much essential for a successful functioning of a hybrid operating room.” Author / Editor: Co-Editor Anna Lou Villena 🙂 [15] Unexpectedly as it was ordered “STAT” (from the Latin word STATIM = immediately), the Heart Lung Machine was […]

1st Jilin Heart Academy Workshop in China: Summer 2013

Surfer’s Co-Editor Anna Lou Villena, perfusionist (Right) with friend @ prior event- June 8th  2013 Jilan Heart Center Changchun, China 1st Jilan Heart Academy Summer Workshop A leadoff in Cardiovascular medicine transpired last April 20-22, 2013, which was participated by a large number of Chinese medical practitioners all throughout Jilin Province. Medical breakthrough specifically in […]