The LipStick Sign: – RECOVERING from CPB

The “Sign” …  Patient’s reclaiming ownership of their health 🙂 Editor’s Note: First of all, I want to thank Dr. Bedi for his time and effort in sharing his perspective- and it is his insight suggested below that brings me to the point of this note… I find it amazingly refreshing to witness a merging […]


The Team PLANNING FOR EMERGENCIES – The Perfusion Crash Cart This is a ‘perfusion crash cart’ designed by me for my perfusionist and made locally . It comprises a industrial grade steel alloy body with medium sized wheels which allow fast mobility and keeps all essential items at one place . It can be easily […]

Welcome to the Circuit Surfers Editorial Staff: Dr. Harinder Singh Bedi

Click image to view editorial contributions Editor’s Note: I first started to notice the writings of Dr.Harinder Singh Bedi on his Face Book page a few months ago. What struck me was the tremendous enthusiasm and kindness, not to mention the energy he puts out with every comment or dialogue.  A very gracious man, in […]

Heart Surgery in India: “I Tied My Turban Myself”

Editor’s Note: This is a story written by an Indian cv surgeon I have written to on FB. It has a “Lawrence of Arabia” feel to it, and I enjoyed reading it very much- Thank you sir for the time and effort to share this tale 🙂 Dr. Harinder Singh Bedi  MCh,FIACS (Gold Medallist) Head […]