From Perfusionist to MD: A Career Pathway Realized

Editor’s Note: I started this blog on Feb 21, 2011.  Six and a half years ago to be precise.  Since it was a new format, and employing a dynamically newer media paradigm, I can’t say there wasn’t a bit of push-back from the perfusion community, some people were roiled, some feathers ruffled, and I was […]

“The Red Cell Highway: An Inside Look at Heart Surgery in America”

Editor’s Note: This book is halfway written, It is a rendering of the reality, sometimes sad and at times funny, emotional, and clinical vignettes of the many different aspects relating to open heart surgery- from the perspective of a perfusionist. This book is a commentary not only on the intricacies of heart surgery, but openly […]

Perfusion Art: “Transformation”

“Transformation” Photographer: Nadia Azuero, CCP Equipment:  DigitalSomething Editing:  Photoshop Narrative:  This Nadia, scrubbing in for surgery- last year of Med school. Time & Place: Operating Room, October 2016 About The Artist:  4th year Med Student/Cardiovascular Perfusionist/Locums  

From CCP to MD: It’s in all of us!

Perfusion isn’t something you “do”, it’s a part of you; it partly defines you. How do I cope? I work on my time off… “Frank, I promise I’ve got some articles for you and surfers”. Yes, I’ve been saying that since, what?  April/May? Well, trying to master the rest of the human body basics doesn’t happen in 30 days. So, here goes.” […]

Welcome to the Circuit Surfers Editorial Staff: Nadia Azuero!

Click images to view profiles Editor’s Note: Nadia  has been a perfusionist for quite some time, and is a very active contributor here at Circuit Surfers. She is very talented, precise, and obviously committed to delivering extraordinary care to her patients.  She has had a large hand in helping develop the direction of “Surfers, and […]

Up Close & Personal: The Bental Procedure

Click images to enlarge (it’s definitely worth it) Editor’s Note: These amazing pictures are brought to you by Nadia Azuero, BS, CCP, LP- who is currently 3/4 way through Medical school. = Nadia joined the “Surfers team as an Associate Editor- in charge of Media &  Photography. Nadia is very gifted, as a skilled clinician, a […]