Plz Donate: Intervention Doesn’t Stop AFTER the Operation…

“This would make the realistic GoFundMe goal approximately $10,800- a sum that represents less than the purchase price of a used car…” Click Image Above to Donate 🙂 Editor’s Note: I was checking FB the other day, and spotted a compelling story on the page of a long distance friend (as well as colleague on this […]

Using Occlusive Foley Catheters to Control Excessive Tumor-Related Bleeding

Dr.Harinder Singh Bedi = = The lowly Foley to the rescue – It was the 4th case . A meticulous  total arterial off pump bypass and and two hectic mitral and tricuspid valve repairs – the 2nd had required some extra  time as it was a young lad and I wanted to avoid a valve […]

CPB Techniques for ESRD/Hemodyalisis on Pt Awaiting Renal TX

Dr.Harinder Singh Bedi = = I have a 56 year old patient in ESRD on hemodialysis with a left radial AV fistula . He was being planned for renal transplant and was discovered to have critical and diffuse CAD- so being taken up for CABG . Plan so far : 1. avoid LIMA because of […]

Looking for Protocols… The Potential Benefits of del Nido Cardioplegia

Editor’s Note: I got a message quite awhile ago regarding del Nido cardioplegia.  I posted it a year or so ago- but saw a great post regarding this on Perflist, and contacted Jorge Molina, CCP for his opinion… Frank, “I wanted to post a question on your site asking if anyone has experience, protocols or […]

Letters To ‘Surfers: From China: Pediatric Priming Solutions ?

(Click Image to Enlarge) Editor’s Note: I got this question regarding pediatric priming protocols from a perfusionist in China. My pediatric experience is limited to ECMO- so I defer to the more experienced pediatric perfusionists out there to help formulate an informed response 🙂 Leave your answers or suggestions in the “Comments” section plz? Frank […]

Cold Agglutinins

Literature: Click image to view source article Cold Agglutinins in Cardiac Surgery: Management of Myocardial Protection and Cardiopulmonary Bypass CAs are autoantibodies to RBC antigens [3], which can causesystemic thrombosis and hemolysis. The cause of these CAs maybe primary/idiopathic, or more commonly, secondary to an infectiveprocess (eg, mycoplasma, human immunodeficiency virus) or alymphoproliferative disorder [2]. […]

INTERMITTENT dose of FACT when Reality BITES

Author: Co-Editor Anna Lou Villena 🙂 [2] INTERMITTENT dose of FACT when Reality BITES Let me quote a famous drolly statement, “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth… the rest was made in China.” I am sharing our “perfusionist-friendly” and cost effective disposable blood cardioplegia delivery system set. A product of Ke […]

The “Hot Shot” : A Layman’s Approach to Myocardial Protection

A Salient Point from a Perfusionist: “I will give one good example of how a warm/hot shot worked for us. We finished up a normal 4 banger and before doing the proximals with the cross clamp on we routinely give a short hot shot, actually its room temperature shot, but I digress. The clamp was […]

Speaking of Aortic Dissections … Brussels, Belgium

AND …. Another Face Book Connection… Authored by:  Olivier Germay Chief Perfusionist · Jan 1995 to present · Brussels, Belgium Chirurgie Cardio-Vasculaire & Thoracique Circulatory Arrest for Cross-tube Anastomosis Ok, man 54 y old, 110 kg, 185 cm, typical chest pain. ETO confirm an ascending aorta dissection no aortic valve insufficiency. Operating room to change […]

The Role of Nitric Oxide in Myocardial Ischemia / Reperfusion

(Click above to view source article) ABSTRACT = Objective: The role of nitric oxide (NO) in myocardial ischemia/reperfusion is controversial. While some studies have shown cardioprotective effects of NO, others suggested that increased myocardial NO release secondary to ischemia may contribute to reperfusion injury. However, the impact of cardioplegia-induced myocardial ischemia/reperfusion on the activity of […]