The Art of The Sale: “Cherry Picking” Cardiac Patients…

“This means when the data says “bad surgeon,” the surgeon might, in fact be a Top Gun — a technically-gifted, Morbidity Hunter — the last hope of the poor and sick.” Editor’s Note: Having been an STS coordinator for 5 years- responsible, basically- for the entire process, data collection, discriminating and interpretation of data-field-definitions, inputting […]

Circuit Surfers is 2 Years Old !

Why?  Cuz I think cool pictures are part of our lives … 2 Years … Wow !  Never really thought it would go this long- or that it went by so fast. First of all- Thanks all of you for joining and reading.  Slowly you guys started trusting or at least enjoying the site- and […]

A Son’s Sacrifice: On Father’s Day

Submitted by: Bijender Singh Bali Editor’s Note: This post is a reflection about Father’s Day- but the event described did not occur on that day… Bijender Singh Bali is an perfusionist from India that I have been in contact with for the last 8 months or so. It is through Circuit Surfer’s that we met, […]