A Pump is Born: 2

Editor’s Note:   In the last post regarding building a new HL machine (A Pump is Born 1), we watched the methodical assembly of a new Terumo System 1.  Today, is the second and more challenging (most perfusionists LOVE this part) process of adapting and customizing the HL machine, and putting your own ECC on […]

PDC Equipment List 12/19/2017

Editor’s Note:   Current perfusion equipment for sale and wanted list:  Some pretty good deals and opportunities here – PDC Equipment List 12/19/2017 To All: PDC Equipment Sales, Inc. offers a variety of new and used perfusion-related equipment and supplies. We can help your hospital sell old equipment for a value much greater than the […]

Heater/Cooler Survey Results are In!

  Editor’s Note: Well… I started this survey back in the Fall of last year. (Click image above to view or take the survey) Since then I have been at 4 other institutions and have had the opportunity to observe how my colleagues addressed this issue.  No footprint changes regarding the relative position of the […]

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: RE; Heater Cooler Mediated Infections

Editor’s Note: I received this email from Bryan Lich, President of Perfusion.com, and I felt it was important enough to disseminate to the readership and hopefully together we can work to solve this issue.  The content of the letter is below in it’s entirety. Below is a survey to try to gather a consensus on […]

Heater Cooler Survey!

“I encourage all of you to take this survey, the issue at hand is primarily for the purpose of patient protection FIRST, and and how we adjust to it is obviously reactionary- but must be proactive and simply cannot be ignored or sidestepped” Editor’s Note: I’m sure all  of us are equally concerned regarding the surge […]

Centrifugal vs. Rollerhead Pump? Which is Safer?

“Overall, I like centrifugals, although I do worry if the necessity to hand crank comes up- most systems have been so shortened- getting the awkward and cumbersome centrifugal hand-crank positioned is in most cases- nearly impossible.” Editor’s Note: I got the following email this morning: Dear Staff, Very early morning greetings from Vermont. I am […]

FORE-SIGHT: Anticipating and Mediating Cerebral Ischemia?

Click Image to view corporate site. Editor’s Note: I used the FORE-SIGHT cerebral oximeter, the other day on a patient with documented carotid disease.  I watched the monitor closely for changes as the changes were made while on bypass (Q, pressure, sweep gas, temperature, cardiac index, X-clamping, cardioplegia, and so forth). It is a sensitive […]

FOR SALE: [2] Maquet Cardiohelp Disposable Sets

CARDIOHELP System uses specially developed disposables: The HLS Cannulae and the HLS Set, which comprises the HLS Modules. The combination of these innovative components creates the HLS System (Heart-Lung Support System). Sterile Maquet Cardiohelp disposable sets. Never been opened or out of box. 2 available $6000 each which is a great deal. Sellors comment:  I […]

Cerebral Oximetry: FORE-SIGHT versus Hindsight

Click Image to view corporate site. Editor’s Note: I have used BIS monitoring forever, and have always found it a very valuable tool. So recently I get an email from a guy named Eric Sughrue, and some stuff about the FORE-SIGHT cerebral oximeter. At first I wasn’t that interested, but he was exceptionally polite, professional, […]

An Italian ECMO Transport

Click image to view source article Editor’s Note: I don’t know a lick of Italian, but the pictures were cool, the article was on an Italian perfusion FB group page, the concept is universal, and I wanted to put out an article in Italian to express the flexibility of this Circuit Surfers blog. It’s for […]

The CentriMag VAD : Insertion & Cannulaes

The CentriMag Pump Display Console and Drive Units Operative Technique RVAD The right ventricular assist device (RVAD) is usually established with the right atrium as the inflow and the main pulmonary artery as the outflow. LVAD The outflow of the LVAD is the ascending aorta except in unusual cases where the descending aorta or a […]