A Pump is Born: 2

Editor’s Note:   In the last post regarding building a new HL machine (A Pump is Born 1), we watched the methodical assembly of a new Terumo System 1.  Today, is the second and more challenging (most perfusionists LOVE this part) process of adapting and customizing the HL machine, and putting your own ECC on […]

PDC Equipment List 12/19/2017

Editor’s Note:   Current perfusion equipment for sale and wanted list:  Some pretty good deals and opportunities here – PDC Equipment List 12/19/2017 To All: PDC Equipment Sales, Inc. offers a variety of new and used perfusion-related equipment and supplies. We can help your hospital sell old equipment for a value much greater than the […]

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: RE; Heater Cooler Mediated Infections

Editor’s Note: I received this email from Bryan Lich, President of Perfusion.com, and I felt it was important enough to disseminate to the readership and hopefully together we can work to solve this issue.  The content of the letter is below in it’s entirety. Below is a survey to try to gather a consensus on […]

Heater Cooler Survey!

“I encourage all of you to take this survey, the issue at hand is primarily for the purpose of patient protection FIRST, and and how we adjust to it is obviously reactionary- but must be proactive and simply cannot be ignored or sidestepped” Editor’s Note: I’m sure all  of us are equally concerned regarding the surge […]

Centrifugal vs. Rollerhead Pump? Which is Safer?

“Overall, I like centrifugals, although I do worry if the necessity to hand crank comes up- most systems have been so shortened- getting the awkward and cumbersome centrifugal hand-crank positioned is in most cases- nearly impossible.” Editor’s Note: I got the following email this morning: Dear Staff, Very early morning greetings from Vermont. I am […]

FOR SALE: [2] Maquet Cardiohelp Disposable Sets

CARDIOHELP System uses specially developed disposables: The HLS Cannulae and the HLS Set, which comprises the HLS Modules. The combination of these innovative components creates the HLS System (Heart-Lung Support System). Sterile Maquet Cardiohelp disposable sets. Never been opened or out of box. 2 available $6000 each which is a great deal. Sellors comment:  I […]

Oxygenator Changeout

PROCEDURE FOR IMPLEMENTATION: A.        Equipment Needed: 1.         One (1) new oxygenator 2.         Four (4 – 6) tubing clamps 3.         Sterile heavy scissors or knife blade 4.         Alcohol swabs B.         Procedure for Changing Membrane Oxygenators: 1.         If warm, cool the patient if time permits. 2.         Close the arterial line filter bleed line, turn off the […]

How To Outlive the Mayan Calendar: By Nadia Azuero

Nadia Azuero, B.S., CCP, LP Editor’s Note: About The Author:     Nadia  has been a perfusionist for quite some time, and is a very active contributor here at Circuit Surfers. She is very talented, precise, and obviously committed to delivering extraordinary care to her patients. Nadia is currently practicing as a Solo Perfusion Contractor. (You […]

臨床工学技士 : Japanese Scope of Practice ?

Hi, Sorry to email you out of the blues. I like your blog very much. It is very informative and gives me a better insight into the live and work of a Perfusionist. I hope someday I can contribute as a Perfusionist too. I am currently doing a BSc in Biological Sciences and hoping to […]

A Letter to ‘Surfers : The State of the Blog …

A while ago I got an email from a colleague across the pond (the one leading down to the southern hemisphere), a Mr. Martin Gill. If you have followed Circuit Surfers, you will remember Martin as the Australian pediatric perfusionist that did an extraordinary series of posts in the form of a “Live Blog” of […]

A Letter to ‘Surfers : IABP Protocols

= From Greta: Hey Frank How goes it?  Hope all is well in TEXAS!!! A hospital administrator came to my office the other day and wanted to know if the Perfusion society or organization has anything in their by-laws or standard of care practices, about how often a IABP should be managed on the Nursing floor i.e. (daily checks).  I know […]

Saturday Morning Brunch : Global Missions

Some good looking eggs … A Global “Mission” So how do we develop a global network ? Step 1: Identify the Mission It’s About People … Right ? Step II : Gather Your Most Valuable Resource: People Reach for the Sky ?  Better Yet- Let’s Network…. Step III : Materials & Supplies- A Big step […]

Cooler-Heater and/or a Blanketrol Needed for Mission

I’m trying to locate a cooler-heater and/or a Blanketrol that can be donated to a pediatric program in Central America. I would also be willing to purchase at a deep discount if possible. Thanks, Joe Niman email:  jniman@umich.edu

Devices: Fibrillator

Where Can I find This ? Cardiac Fibrillator: (Click Image to Visit Website) There was a message on Perflist regarding trying to locate a fibrillator.  Now I had seen these messages pop up now and again, so I figured- “why not give it a shot” ? Simple Google thing right?  Typed it in, and voila’ […]

Pediatric-Hemoconcentrators Needed…

To be used for training:  Preparing for a Pediatric Mission … Jeffrey P. Sites I am hoping to find a few pediatric hemoconcentrators for a pediatric mission training program I will be running at the end of June- I have gotten only one offer of support from Sorin – THANK YOU! for 2 ,but I […]

Sarns 8000 Roller Pump: To Buy

Looking to Purchase 1 or 2 Sarns 8000  Roller Pumps I was lucky enought to have a Sarns 8000 base with 2 roller modules donated… but need at least one more module to complete it- 2 would be stellar…. if anyone has one please contact me to let me know how we can work together. […]