TAVR: TransAortic or TransFemoral?

Editor’s Note: The last few places I have visited were programs that were scaling up their TAVR programs. ¬†There are¬†some pretty exciting and innovative technologies on the rise in the realm of Hybrid technology. ¬†Many of us standby for these procedures, I personally have only had to place one patient on emergent CPB- primarily for […]

AngioVac 101: A Perfusion Primer

Editor’s Note: Thought I would drop a quick primer on the use of the AngioVac system for percutaneous clot extraction. ¬†The YouTube video right below¬†is very comprehensive and should explain 90%of our involvement as well as the process. Have an excellent Monday! ¬†ūüôā Equipment Images Process¬† Product Description   All contents are sterile/single-use only. This […]

Welcome to HIPEC!

2 Cone Heads ūüôā Editor’s Note: I had an opportunity to assist and learn how to do a HIPEC procedure. ¬†This was an extraordinary experience, and this perfusion group in Iowa should¬†definitely be recognized for the advanced perfusion techniques they do routinely, that many of us have never had the opportunity to be a part […]

Platelet Gel Systems & Comparisons

“Although modest in terms of complexity, and clinical challenge, platelet gel does rear it‚Äôs head for those of us that are in accounts that employ the use of this modality.” Editor’s Note: Today’s menu is less esoteric- and however bland, represents one of the many¬†adjunct therapies and applications that perfusionists are involved in, that are […]

New Technologies: The MedLED CHROME Headlight

Editor’s Note: Recently at one¬†of the OR’s I was visiting, we had a visit from a rep from The KLS Martin Group, regarding a fresh perspective on an old problem: Cordless Headlights that have the muscle to last through an open heart procedure. I was impressed with the enthusiasm and tenaciousness of this KLS representative,¬†Lauren […]

CARDIOHELP: An In-Service for MD’s, Perfusionists, & Nurses

Click Image to visit CARDIOHELP website Editor’s Note: We are looking at a new system to integrate into our ECMO program, and today we had an in-service from¬†MAQUET, who owns, distributes, and supports the CARDIOHELP ECLS system. This was a 3.5 hour in-service designed to educate physicians, perfusionists, and nurses. ¬†It was offered for three […]

Cardiac Stents [1] Are We Stenting too Much ?

“At a time when the health care industry faces much ambiguity through reform, one certainty is apparent: Resources will be more constrained as we face a shortage of physicians, an influx of chronic condition patients, and declining reimbursements.” Editor’s Note: I had an interesting discussion with our chief cardiac surgeon the other day, it is […]

Perfusion Art: “My Colleagues”

  “My Colleagues”¬† ¬†¬†________Click image to enlarge Photographer:¬†¬†Suneel Lakki Equipment:¬†¬†Digital Editing:¬† Photoshop: ¬†Metal Gradient. Narrative:¬†Eyes up & Eyes down Time & Place:¬†¬† 2014 Fortis Memorial Research Institute About The Picture: ¬†Eye contact has been made… To View The Entire Gallery- Click the Image Below To Submit A Picture: email:¬† EccLog@gmail.com

Perfusion Art: “Transeptal RA to LA”

“Transeptal RA to LA”¬† ¬†¬†________Click image to enlarge Sketch Artist: ¬†Brian White Equipment:¬†¬†Pen & Projector Editing:¬† Photoshop:¬† Cropping: Hue & Contrast adjustments. Narrative:¬†Sometimes art is needed to understand the entire picture. Transeptal RA to LA off load cannula with VA ECMO. Time & Place:¬†¬† 2014¬† West Texas About The Picture: ¬†Sometimes you gotta get artistic […]

Perfusion Art: “Timid”

“Timid”¬† ¬†¬†________Click image to enlarge Photographer:¬† Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP Equipment:¬† Digital Editing:¬† Photoshop:¬† Cropping: Hue & Contrast adjustments. Narrative:¬†Scrubbed in for 1 hour- and gloves are totally clean… Time & Place:¬†¬† 2014¬† West Texas About The Picture:¬† During-Bypass To View The Entire Gallery- Click the Image Below To Submit A Picture: email:¬† EccLog@gmail.com

From Italy [ 7 ] Reshaping the Heart

Editor’s Note: Once again, just checking early morning news and chatter on Facebook, and another interesting link rears it’s head. ¬† I found this article on an Italian perfusion FB page by CardioPeople- an Italian resource- very well organized, and very professional. Link: ¬†https://www.facebook.com/universita.campobasso They provided an English version of the above cited topic- so […]