Perfusion Art: Insight from an LVADer

“Insight from an LVADer” Contributor:  ‎Michael-Joshua Morris‎  Equipment:  Cut N Paste 🙂 Editing:  Photoshop: Contrast Filter Narrative: Joshua is an on-line friend I met almost 6 years ago.  He has had a HeartMate II in for that entire duration plus I believe at least 1 or more years prior.  His story is amazing- and 5 years ago I […]

Perfusion Art: Flagellae

“Flagellae” Photographer: Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP Equipment:  IPhone 6S Editing:  Photoshop: Metallic Filter:  Narrative: I like this picture because it demonstrates the variety of ECC shunts that are limited only by your imagination. Time & Place: Southern Indiana/  February 2017 About The Artist:  Locum’s Peerfusionist  

Perfusion Art: “Thermal Cross Hairs”

“Thermal Cross Hairs” Photographer: John Campbell BSc (Hons) MSc FRSH ACCP FCCP Equipment:  DigitalSomething Editing:  Photoshop Narrative: Thermal image of a Sorin vanguard cardioplegia device in action in Nottingham. Blood temp in 34C blood out of Vanguard 4C. Time & Place: Trent Cardiac Centre/  October 2016 About The Artist:  Chief perfusionist, Trent Cardiac Centre  

Perfusion Art: “TAVR Mondays”

Photographer:  Frank Aprile,CCP Equipment:  Digital, 6S Editing:  Photoshop Narrative:  Following 3 TAVR’s it was one of those days that at the end of it- there was a serious storm- quick and relentless hail- but at the end of it?  This pretty much sums up our results for the day 🙂 Time & Place: Upper Midwest, September 2016 About […]

Perfusion Art: “Bodhisattva”

“Bodhisattva” Photographer:  Margaret Relle Equipment:  Digital Editing:  Photoshop Narrative:  The bodhisattva—the renowned ideal of Mahayana Buddhism—is not a god or deity but a way of being all we can aspire to. Those who take the bodhisattva vow make one simple commitment: to put  others first, holding nothing back for themselves. Time & Place:   Syracuse, NY, August 2016 […]

Perfusion Art: “CCP”

Perfusion Art: “CCP” Editor’s Note: This week is “Perfusionists Week” or day or minute or whatever.  We never used to have a day dedicated to us- because everyday we were dedicated to something greater with a more noble spark behind it than cookies and cream.   That would be “ByPass Baybee” 🙂 Even though the […]

Perfusion Art: “The Other Room”

“The Other Room“ ___ __Click image to enlarge- Photographer: Frank Aprile. BBA, LP, CCP Equipment:  I-phone 5S Editing:  Photoshop Narrative:  A reflection against a window of one surgery, while capturing the other room as well- through connecting room with window to both surgical suites. Time & Place:   Midwest, 2015 About The Artist:  Locums’ Perfusionist. To View The Entire […]

Perfusion Art: Cross Clamps

“Cross Clamps“ ___ __Click image to enlarge- Photographer: Giuseppe Salerno Equipment:  I-phone Editing:  Instagram Narrative:  Surgery room of the cardiac surgery department of Taranto Time & Place:   Taranto, Italy 2015 About The Artist:  An Italian Perfusionist who has helped make this blog something special 🙂 To View The Entire Gallery- Click the Image Below To Submit A Picture: […]