Is There Room in the Perfusion World for Kiera Jones?

Editor’s Note:   So it’s a Saturday night right?  And I’m on call, watching some mindless History Channel stuff and perusing FB making a few comments here and there- you know- the boring stuff people do when they are on a surgical call leash 🙂 I get a FB message from a perspective perfusion student […]

Career Perfusionist [19] A Day in the Life of a Perfusionist …

Editor’s Note:   Here is an excellent video brought to you by the Perfusion Department at the University Health Network, Toronto General Hospital site to showcase the role of the perfusionist for National Perfusion Week 2016. Thanks to our Canadian brothers to the North, you get to see a brief glimpse of what a career […]

A Locums ScrapBook: A Day in the Life…

“I joked with the crew, and said, we are in the land of the Paramedics, cuz that’s pretty much all you could see.” Editor’s Note: To view the entire “Locum’s ScrapBook” series- click here I’m doing some perfusion traveling as I am taking my show on the road.  As such, every once in awhile I […]

On Being a Perfusionist: The Perfect Recovery from an Adverse Situation

ON BEING A PERFUSIONIST I think we are reminded of our human fallibility (the potential to err is in all of us) every day we pump a case. With so many steps and moving parts in the equation, the goal is to choreograph out a perfect “10” every single time. Of course that doesn’t always […]

From Belgium: What is a Perfusionist?

Editor’s Note: Below you will see a very inspiring video detailing the scope of practice of a perfusionist, and describing the vast array of talents as well as the personal fortitude that is required to seriously engage the profession. I want to thank Dr. Verhofste for forwarding me this video, and allowing me to share […]

Letters from a Perfusionist in Germany: Coming to America…

Editor’s Note: Hi Guys, I got this letter from a perfusionist in Germany. I don’t know if the ABCP recognizes Perfusion Certification from Europe.  I guess the question is- can he sit for the ABCP boards? Hi Frank, hope u can help.. i want to immigrate to the states after i finish my Master degree […]

Writers & Bloggers Wanted :

Hi- Wanted to see if there are any perfusionists out there that like to write- or want to write about their perfusion experiences? Perfusionists from all corners of the World are invited to participate … Writing / blogging is basically taking taking your point of view on aspects of perfusion and sharing it with others […]

Why I want to be a Perfusionist? I want to save lives.

Editor’s Note: I got this message in the comments section.  I don’t know exactly what the question is:  Looking to get into school- or just graduated and looking for a position? What is clear to me is that this was a very compelling narrative about our profession- So let’s help him / her out shall […]

Career Perfusionist [18] On Being A Perfusionist …

  ON BEING A PERFUSIONIST I think we are reminded of our human fallibility (the potential to err is in all of us) every day we pump a case. With so many steps and moving parts in the equation, the goal is to choreograph out a perfect “10” every single time. Of course that doesn’t […]

Heart Surgery in the PI: My Pump Support Drama

The Republic of the Philippines. Heart Surgery in the PI: The Republic of the Philippines Click image to view Weng’s FB page… My Pump Support Drama By Weng Puno-Baldeo = it was just a regular day in the o.r. after a vsd case the team dismantled the hlm, charged all the supplies used and preparing a […]

Diary of a Perfusion Slave: The Internship

Giorgiarobertandrea Isidoro COMING SOON Editors Note: Giorgiarobertandrea Isidoro is a student I met on FB a couple of years ago.  She has completed her perfusion training in Italy, and is going to do a perfusion internship in Rome.  She will pe submitting a picture diary of her life as a Roman perfusion intern, and all […]

Heart Surgery in India: “I Tied My Turban Myself”

Editor’s Note: This is a story written by an Indian cv surgeon I have written to on FB. It has a “Lawrence of Arabia” feel to it, and I enjoyed reading it very much- Thank you sir for the time and effort to share this tale 🙂 Dr. Harinder Singh Bedi  MCh,FIACS (Gold Medallist) Head […]

Heart Surgery in Pakistan: An Interview with Abdul Qadeer Khan

Pakistan. Editor’s Note: This is part 1 of an introduction from Abdul Qadeer Khan, and his experiences as a perfusionist in Pakistan.  It is a very nice, well written letter and I want to thank you personally Mr. Khan, for you kindness and the time you took to share this with the rest of us […]

Letters From Saudi Arabia: Plz Recommend a Perfusion Program

Editor’s Note: Hi Guys, I got this letter from a graduating nursing student from Saudi Arabia. If you have any suggestions for a great perfusion school you would like to recommend- please respond here in the comments section, or directly to Mr. Wafe at his listed email address. I need your help from Saudi Arabia […]

From Saigon to Facebook: An Interview With a Veteran Perfusionist & a Veteran of Foreign Wars

“Be willing to work many hours, often times in a very stressful situation where the human life; both adult and infant are at stake.“ Click images to enlarge … Editors Note: There is a guy I work with down here in West Texas, who helps us out with ABG’s, art lines, monitoring, Swanns, IABP’s, and […]

Circuit Surfers is 2 Years Old !

Why?  Cuz I think cool pictures are part of our lives … 2 Years … Wow !  Never really thought it would go this long- or that it went by so fast. First of all- Thanks all of you for joining and reading.  Slowly you guys started trusting or at least enjoying the site- and […]

From South Korea: A Very Cool Peds Perfusion Video

Editor’s Note: Was checking out some perfusion Facebook groups, and came across a very cool perfusion video from  Lee Jinkwon (a South Korean perfusionist). Here is his introduction: Lee Jinkwon “Hello, My name is Lee Jinkwon. South Korea, Sejong general Hospital Congenital cardiac sugery team, Perfusionist.. I introduce to our Neonate circuit. We use to […]

Career Perfusionist: [13] The Extracorporeal Circuit

The Extracorporeal Circuit Diversion of blood from the operative site, via an extracorporeal circuit (ECC) is necessary to proceed with open heart surgery .  Vascular access leading to the right side of the heart (venous) and ejecting from the left side of the heart (arterial) is shunted from the patient to the heart lung machine. […]

Career Perfusionist: [12] An Excellent Australian Educational Film

An Australian Educational Film_______________Click image to enlarge Editor’s Note: Here is a YouTube video that was submitted by: Digitalcaravan1 in association with Children’s Hospital, Westmeade, Australia. An Australian commentator discusses all aspects of perfusion and the ECC.  A very thorough summary of the profession as well as the physiological and clinical progression of open heart […]