“Can Do!” Is DEFINITELY in LivaNova’s Dictionary!

“I am impressed.  I feel that in some ways, people and organizations define themselves and improve consumer confidence- more by the manner in which they  handle adversity as opposed to how they harness success.” Editor’s Note: When I was a Navy Hospital Corpsman, in charge of an ER somewhere in the Republic of the Philippines, […]

Perfusion Life: The InElegant Hack

Editor’s Note: Here is a guest post presented in it’s raw and natural form, written by Michael Colligan, RN, MS, CCP. Thank you Michael, for contributing 🙂 -Frank PERFUSION LIFE HACK What is a life hack? The term life hack started out as “hack”, having evolved from the original definition to the current meaning of an […]

International CQI: Vaporizer Obstructing O2 Q

Editors Note: This is a new Section. We are trying to develop a database of common or not-so-common problems encountered by perfusionists during CPB. Please join us by clicking the Link Above if you have had any sort of unusual event you would like to share. Please email details if you feel that your story […]

Perfusion Fixes: Getting the Kinks Out!

Editor’s Note: One of the things I enjoy the most, is coming up with solutions to problems as they arise. This is a new section highlighting one the perfusionists’ greatest strengths and assets:  The ability to innovate and come up with solutions to environmental obstacles.  It’s called “thinking OUTSIDE the box”  🙂  If you would […]