Is There Room in the Perfusion World for Kiera Jones?

Editor’s Note:   So it’s a Saturday night right?  And I’m on call, watching some mindless History Channel stuff and perusing FB making a few comments here and there- you know- the boring stuff people do when they are on a surgical call leash 🙂 I get a FB message from a perspective perfusion student […]

A Locum’s ScrapBook: Friday Night Lights

Fading out… 5 days left here and i’m becoming a memory 🙂 Editor’s Note: To view the entire “Locum’s ScrapBook” series- click here My life is Family First and then Perfusion.  I switched from staff perfusionist to becoming a Locum’s traveler to make sure my kids and family would have a solid place to call home. […]

Perfusionist: Center Stage

“Although Perfusion necessitates creative intervention, acting allows me to open an artsy creative side…” William Harris, CCP Editors Note: I think it’s pretty evident that perfusionists are innovative and passionate in their approach to life as well as work.  Most perfusionists are successful in other endeavors of their personal lives as well as their professional […]

A Locum’s ScrapBook: Sometimes… The Bear Gets YOU…

“The simple fact that a centrifugal hand-crank is in the room, does not at all satisfy the “yes” box in the checklist” Editor’s Note: Just when you get to the comfort zone of thinking “you are pretty good”? You find out you’re pretty NOT! But don’t get knocked down and NOT get back up.  Shit […]

A Locums ScrapBook: A Day in the Life…

“I joked with the crew, and said, we are in the land of the Paramedics, cuz that’s pretty much all you could see.” Editor’s Note: To view the entire “Locum’s ScrapBook” series- click here I’m doing some perfusion traveling as I am taking my show on the road.  As such, every once in awhile I […]

Perfusion Life: Why We Do This

Editor’s Note: I do a lot of “why we do this” posts, not because it is rhetorical or thought provoking, but because we as a profession are pioneers as well.  In the past 40 years, the technological achievements in cardiac medicine defy belief at times, in that we have come so far- so very quickly. […]

On Being a Perfusionist: The Perfect Recovery from an Adverse Situation

ON BEING A PERFUSIONIST I think we are reminded of our human fallibility (the potential to err is in all of us) every day we pump a case. With so many steps and moving parts in the equation, the goal is to choreograph out a perfect “10” every single time. Of course that doesn’t always […]