A Blast from the Past ! Perfusion 1995

Editor’s Note: In 1995: There was no ECECT meeting yet European Certificate in Cardiovascular Perfusion was a year away Standards of Practice in Clinical Perfusion in Australasia were two years away Perflist was just beginning under Sue Boetcher’s pioneering mantle- Perfusion dot com was becoming a reality (Bryan Lich was about to profoundly change perfusion […]

A Global Foum ? Yeah ! We Can Do It !

A Picture of the Sun… I would like a Global Forum. It is necessary and far past due. My hope is that eventually, this blog will be considered a resource for all of us. I need help. I need writers and opinions from all over the globe. So please tell your friends if they are […]

Yes or No ? Circuit Surfers Dot Com

And the Verdict is ? Yes it wasn’t scientific. True it was a little repetitious and the construct of a less than qualified statistician. Most likely it was self serving. But from that pile of political rubble, there is something to be gleaned. From what initially looked undecipherable, a little sparkle emerges. A hint of […]

The Good The Bad The Ugly…

Editor’s Note: I published a poll a couple of years ago, at the dawn of the ‘Surfers’ blog.  Re-reading it was fun, so I thought I would dust this post off and share reader’s perceptions of CircuitSurfers.com- BEFORE we were assimilated into the mainstream perfusion culture (LOL)…  I think that’s right anyway? = A Blast from […]

Mr. Sid Yarrow: Perfusion Pioneer

Perfusion Profiles Mr. Sid Yarrow:  New Zealander :  Perfusion Pioneer  To View All the Profile Series…  Click Here. A Pioneer Passes… Editors Note:  The first part of this story was posted by Tim Willcox, CCP (Australia) on Perflist. I felt it such an inspiring story, that I tried to dig up a little bit more […]

Japan: Radiation and Bypass

How do you explain? An incredible sadness that is nameless until it happens to you? Clearly things in Japan are bad and getting worse.  I assume heart surgery hasn’t stopped.  But perhaps resources are getting stingy, and is there a need to be addressed? I certainly don’t know.  Any assist options?  Is it even needed?  […]