A Locum’s ScrapBook: Friday Night Lights

Fading out… 5 days left here and i’m becoming a memory 🙂 Editor’s Note: To view the entire “Locum’s ScrapBook” series- click here My life is Family First and then Perfusion.  I switched from staff perfusionist to becoming a Locum’s traveler to make sure my kids and family would have a solid place to call home. […]

Happy New Year 2016! From Us- TO US!

Editor’s Note: I am amazed at the responses and enthusiasm that so many different perfusionists from all corners of the world have regarding our global community!  True camaraderie and mutual respect from all of us to each other- realizing that we are the only ones on this planet that truly understand what a wonderful thing it […]

The Year in Review: Circuit Surfers 2015!

Editor’s Note: Well it has been a heck of a year.  Becoming a part of Perfusion.com is an amazing adventure, and has certainly expanded our reach as well as our impact on the international perfusion community. In 2015 I personally transitioned to becoming a traveling (Locums) Perfusionist, which is absolutely the perfect fit for this blog […]