Another Type of Heparin Allergy? Alpha-Gal = Meat Allergies…

Editor’s Note: I had an interesting discussion with my colleague yesterday, in regards to a heparin sensitive patient about to undergo cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. Of course I forwarded a link for clinical information/recommendations on Angiomax and Agatroban- but he informed me it wasn’t necessary as it was a different sort of allergy. This is/was not […]

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Excerpts From Heart Surgery in America: Forged by Fire…

Editor’s Note: This book is NOW over 3/4 written, It is a rendering of the reality, sometimes sad and at times funny, emotional, and clinical vignettes of the many different aspects relating to open heart surgery- from the perspective of a perfusionist. This book is a commentary not only on the intricacies of heart surgery, […]

Perfusion Art: “OVerTheTop”

Perfusion Art: “OVerTheTop” Photographer:  Adam Equipment:  IPhone something Editing:  Multiple Filters   Narrative: From behind a CellSaver Reservoir Time & Place:   Northern Indiana, 2019 About The Artist:  Perfusionist Commentary:  An Unusual Angle 🙂

Don’t Let Them Do It! Minimizing Potentially Stupid & Avoidable Mishaps…

Editor’s Note: I got a phone call from a friend of mine, a perfusion colleague… (let’s just call her JE) the other day, and it was in regards to asking me if there was any available literature or policy that was out there regarding NOT having  sterile water on your operating back table during open […]

STONE Heart: Mechanisms of Injury

Editor’s Note: My colleague and I were doing case together the other day and we discussed why I typically give calcium chloride only after the heart is warm, and has been re-perfused + in normal sinus rhythm for at least 10 minutes. I mentioned the concept of stone heart, a perfusion nightmare that I have never […]

A Locum’s ScrapBook: Home2 Suites/Hilton & The 3 Musketeers

Editor’s Note: As part of this series A Locum’s ScrapBook, I tried to detail every aspect of perfusion life that traveling contract perfusionists such as myself encounter during our travels to various contract sites. I’ve done a few reviews of places that I stayed because I think it’s important and relevant to travelers such as […]

From CNA to Perfusion Student? Why Our Job Shadow Registry Matters…

Editor’s Note: I got a phone call yesterday from a young lady named Raven, who interestingly enough as an undergraduate degree in biology and is going for a Masters in epidemiology. On top of it, her sister is an MDA and Raven herself has worked as a CNA to garner the experience prerequisite to applying […]

Perfusion Mission- AFRICA! A Request for Donated Perfusion Equipment

Editor’s Note: I got an email today from my friend Brian Forsberg, CCP, and one of my earliest supporters when I first started this Circuit Surfers mission. He was instrumental in encouraging me to stand tall when so many in the perfusion community wanted to cut this blog down to its knees. Nobody thought it […]

Job Shadow Availability Report

Editor’s Note: Below is a link to a post delivered by a Perfusion Job Shadow- prior to getting into school 🙂 Click on the article to view original post   HEROS! A JOB SHADOWING EXPERIENCE   Job Shadow Registry: G O A L S Allow people seeking job shadow opportunities to list themselves when they […]

Perfusion Job Shadow Registry

Editor’s Note: I was going through my email this morning, and deleted a bunch of messages which I’m pretty sure is what we all do as we screen our mail and filter out so many things that we have not invited into our lives – that seem to appear in the inbox more often than […]

Locum’s Contract CCP- Seeking Position in Michigan

ABCP CCP- Locum’s Perfusionist- x 10 Years Seeking intermittent assignments for all parts Michigan.  This perfusionist currently resides in North Central Michigan and is available for recurring or one-time perfusion assignments to backup your staffing needs.  Length of contracts are negotiable. Will take call within the first 3 days. Assimilates quickly– and should be able […]

Perfusion Art: “The Red Tower”

Perfusion Art: “The Red Tower” Photographer:  Frank Aprile, CCP Equipment:  IPhone something Editing:  Multiple Filters   Narrative: These Colors REALLY pop! Time & Place:   Northern Indiana, 2019 About The Artist:  Perfusionist Commentary:  A fun picture 🙂

Perfusion Art: “COLD Sweat”

Perfusion Art: “COLD Sweat” Photographer:  Frank Aprile, CCP Equipment:  IPhone something Editing:  Multiple Filters   Narrative: Condensation on Cardioplegia Filter Time & Place:   Northern Indiana, 2019 About The Artist:  Perfusionist Commentary:  A fun picture 🙂