Perfusion Art: “A Picture Within”

Perfusion Art: “A Picture Within” Photographer: Frank Aprile Equipment: IPhone Something? Editing: Heavy Filters Narrative: Taking a picture of them taking a picture 🙂 Time & Place:   2020: South of the Savannah About The Artist:  CCP Commentary: Reassessing VA ECMO Cannulation…

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Are You Really Safe? Let’s Talk about the N-95 Mask

Editors Note: – I’m getting fitted for one of these on Tuesday.  Ostensibly as a prep for possible ECMO cases that might come down the pipeline. Watching a few discussions regarding this strategy and reconciling that with my previous experiences with ICU respiratory isolation cases- (H1N1) makes me realize that efficacy of this strategy is […]

Covid 19: ITALY Will Prevail !

Editor’s Note: All I can say is that I have known Giuseppe Salerno since I started this blog.  I love this man- because he is so very straight up and just a very decent human being. He cares- and that stands out in all things G (my short name for Giuseppe). We have never met- […]

Corona Virus: Surviving COMES With a Price?

Editor’s Note: I have to say that when I first started hearing about and thinking about the coronavirus, I pretty much categorized that into what I was most familiar with – which was the swine flu (H1N1). That particular epidemic I have pretty significant familiarity with, probably 250 to 300 hours of ECMO on swine […]

LivaNova: Coronavirus Update: 10-Mar-2020

Editor’s Note: Please See Product UPDATE: Plz Visit CoronaVirus.Gov–  Just want to get it out there- God Bless Frank   Click Image Above to View CoronaVirus.Gov From LivaNova: To North American Sales, Service, Marketing and Clinical Teams: Currently, the statements from yesterday’s update remain valid. Our manufacturing facilities in Saluggia and Mirandola are open and […]


Editor’s Note: Due Diligence:  Plz Visit CoronaVirus.Gov–  Just want to get it out there- God Bless Frank Click Image Above to View CoronaVirus.Gov

A Locum’s ScrapBook: What is Homelessness?

Editor’s Note: I have been doing Locum’s perfusion for about 5 ½ years now. All I can tell you is that it is challenging, rewarding, and definitely keeps you on your toes. But after being toe walker for the last portion of this part of my career, I must say it is not fun in […]

Corona Virus & Reminders of H1N1 (Swine Flu)

Editor’s Note: Yeah- We are all a little worried.  But this is not a time to get tunnel vision.  Isolation, hording, fear of contact, mistrust, paralyzing fear, xenophobia, spastic parasympathetic responses to something as normal as a human sneeze- or cough- WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT. That visceral parasympathetic/sympathetic reaction to human stress- is called […]

A Locum’s ScrapBook: Home2 Suites! An Oasis in Southern Indiana :)

Editor’s Note: As part of this series A Locum’s ScrapBook, I tried to detail every aspect of perfusion life that traveling contract perfusionists such as myself encounter during our travels to various contract sites. I’ve done a few reviews of places that I stayed because I think it’s important and relevant to travelers such as […]

CoronaVirus: Our Heroic Chinese Colleagues, Brothers, & Sisters

Editor’s Note: The following pictures are very poignant and hard hitting.  They are of us- people- the Chinese people- our brothers and sisters.  What I see when I look at these images is not panic or fear, it is a resolute and concise determination to confront our fear and defeat not an unknown enemy– rather […]

WHO Guidelines for Clinical Rx : CoronoVirus

Editor’s Note: Basic guidelines from WHO– Compliments of ELSO and my good friend Giuseppe Salerno– who is the founder of an Italian Perfusion FB Group-  Thanks G! An amazing father- man- and photographer!  G! Click Image Above to Download WHO PDF

CoronoVirus = ECMO or Mass Hysteria?

Editor’s Note: Got up- and guess what?  It’s Super Bowl Sunday 🙂 But that is a side note for this article- as my first official act was to go on FB and check out the page- got a friend request from a perfusionist in Bangalore, India- Geetha Murugesan. Anyway I would like to thank Geetha […]

Why We Need to Help People Get Shadowing Sites!

Job Shadow Providers Job Shadow Registry: G O A L S Allow people seeking job shadow opportunities to list themselves when they register, Allow people offering their sites for job shadow opportunities to be listed in this registry as well. Connecting the dots– to the entry requirements on the checklist. All responses will be listed […]