STONE Heart: Mechanisms of Injury

Editor’s Note:   In the last post regarding building a new HL machine (A Pump is Born 1), we watched the methodical assembly of a new Terumo System 1.  Today, is the second and more challenging (most perfusionists LOVE this part) process of adapting and customizing the HL machine, and putting your own ECC on […]

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Survey Results 1 : #Perfusion2

YEP-  That Pretty Much Sums it Up… Editor’s Note:   Over the past few months, putting this survey together and constantly poking and prodding on social media to suggest participation- had certainly made me think whether or not “it was over the top” or “overly sensitive”- or a “grow a pair” (which is in-and-of-itself completely […]

LAA Ligation: The Watchman Device- You DON’T Wear it on Your Wrist!

Editor’s Note: Well, I was getting my schedule the other day, a group text forum where we find out what’s in our future for the next day, and my assignment was “FA- Watchman x 2”. So of course I followed up with- a text to the group asking: what type of surgeon IS HE- and […]

#Perfusion2 Survey Results To Be Released!

Editor’s Note:   We hit 248 responses- sure to be more as the results get published.  Thank you for hanging in there and stepping up to the plate! Thank you 🙂 Frank

Perfusion Art: Namaste

  “Namaste” Photographer: Unknown Equipment:  Unknown Editing:  Photoshop: Contrast Filter:   Narrative:  A brief glimpse of the good Doctor  Harinder Singh Bedi  attending to a heart patient…  He is a renowned Cardiac Surgeon in India and The East Time & Place:  July 2018- India About The Meaning of the Term Namaste: Teaching Each Other Your teacher may choose to elaborate […]

We Are Getting Close: #250

  Editor’s Note:   Hi all-  I just need 47 more responses to get to the point where we can publish the results.  Plz share?     Let’s get to 250 and more 🙂  Click the link Below  

New Hire Mentoring? Cloning Vs Orientation

Editor’s Note: – This topic keeps rendering it’s head on a case by case basis- and has emerged as an oddly unanticipated issue that we as a community are dealing with more often now then in previous decades/student generations.  The question before us is as follows:  Are students being adequately prepared for entry into a […]

CircuitSurfers FaceBook: The Likes :)

Editor’s Note:   We are closing in on the 4th of July- OUR Independence Day!  As we perfusionists fight to keep patient’s alive, our families and countrymen fight to keep us FREE!  This is a universal fight for all countries, races, and religions.  Fight the good fight- and Never- NEVER Surrender.   ALL are welcome […]

Perfusion Art: “Double Barrel Action”

“Double Barrel Action” Photographer: Whitt Behr, LP, CCP Equipment:  IPhone something Editing:  Photoshop: Contrast Filter:   Narrative:  Loaded for “BEHR”  Parallel Oxygenators Time & Place:  June 2018- TX About The Artist:  Perfusionist Commentary:  Thinking BIG

Perfusion Art: Arrival- 5:30 AM Heart

“Perfusion Art: Arrival- 5:30 AM Heart” Photographer: Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP Equipment:  IPhone 8S Editing:  Photoshop: Contrast Filter:   Narrative:  Arriving EARLY to A Hallway to the Future- Heart Surgery 2018 Time & Place:  June 2018- Midwest About The Artist:  Locum’s Perfusionist Commentary:  An Early Morning Surreal and Simplistically Elegant Entrance to an Exceptional Heart Hospital

Perfusion ART: HyBRID

“HyBRID” Photographer: Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP Equipment:  IPhone 8S Editing:  Photoshop: Contrast Filter:   Narrative:  Control Room of a Southern Indiana Hybrid OR Time & Place:  June 2018- Midwest About The Artist:  Locum’s Perfusionist

When Perfusion Meets the Art of Cooking…

“It’s not often I see a team that is wrapped so tight- that clearly loves what they do- and embraces the scary cases that we are presented with- in a manner that tosses away every doubt- and embraces the probability of success.” Editor’s Note:   This week was a tuff week. A lot of last […]

Del Nido: It’s ALL about the Calcium Baby!

“What it boiled down to is that Del Nido, when deployed for long complex cases becomes a clinical dance.  You go from a Mechanic to an Artist if you stay true to basic principals, have the patient’s welfare as your primary concern, and you have a strong negotiating relationship with your surgeon.  Anything less is […]