And… Eye Contact HAS Been Made…

Editor’s Note:   Hello Wisconsin and a shout out to my friends in Madison: )!  I have a student looking for a job shadow opportunity in the Wisconsin area. Here’s our prospective student’s message to you as well as a contact email: To whom it may concern, My name is Melit Gjinolli and I am […]

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#Perfusion2 Survey Results To Be Released!

Editor’s Note:   We hit 248 responses- sure to be more as the results get published.  Thank you for hanging in there and stepping up to the plate! Thank you 🙂 Frank

Perfusion Art: Namaste

  “Namaste” Photographer: Unknown Equipment:  Unknown Editing:  Photoshop: Contrast Filter:   Narrative:  A brief glimpse of the good Doctor  Harinder Singh Bedi  attending to a heart patient…  He is a renowned Cardiac Surgeon in India and The East Time & Place:  July 2018- India About The Meaning of the Term Namaste: Teaching Each Other Your teacher may choose to elaborate […]

We Are Getting Close: #250

  Editor’s Note:   Hi all-  I just need 47 more responses to get to the point where we can publish the results.  Plz share?     Let’s get to 250 and more 🙂  Click the link Below  

New Hire Mentoring? Cloning Vs Orientation

Editor’s Note: – This topic keeps rendering it’s head on a case by case basis- and has emerged as an oddly unanticipated issue that we as a community are dealing with more often now then in previous decades/student generations.  The question before us is as follows:  Are students being adequately prepared for entry into a […]

CircuitSurfers FaceBook: The Likes :)

Editor’s Note:   We are closing in on the 4th of July- OUR Independence Day!  As we perfusionists fight to keep patient’s alive, our families and countrymen fight to keep us FREE!  This is a universal fight for all countries, races, and religions.  Fight the good fight- and Never- NEVER Surrender.   ALL are welcome […]

Perfusion Art: “Double Barrel Action”

“Double Barrel Action” Photographer: Whitt Behr, LP, CCP Equipment:  IPhone something Editing:  Photoshop: Contrast Filter:   Narrative:  Loaded for “BEHR”  Parallel Oxygenators Time & Place:  June 2018- TX About The Artist:  Perfusionist Commentary:  Thinking BIG

Perfusion Art: Arrival- 5:30 AM Heart

“Perfusion Art: Arrival- 5:30 AM Heart” Photographer: Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP Equipment:  IPhone 8S Editing:  Photoshop: Contrast Filter:   Narrative:  Arriving EARLY to A Hallway to the Future- Heart Surgery 2018 Time & Place:  June 2018- Midwest About The Artist:  Locum’s Perfusionist Commentary:  An Early Morning Surreal and Simplistically Elegant Entrance to an Exceptional Heart Hospital

Perfusion ART: HyBRID

“HyBRID” Photographer: Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP Equipment:  IPhone 8S Editing:  Photoshop: Contrast Filter:   Narrative:  Control Room of a Southern Indiana Hybrid OR Time & Place:  June 2018- Midwest About The Artist:  Locum’s Perfusionist

When Perfusion Meets the Art of Cooking…

“It’s not often I see a team that is wrapped so tight- that clearly loves what they do- and embraces the scary cases that we are presented with- in a manner that tosses away every doubt- and embraces the probability of success.” Editor’s Note:   This week was a tuff week. A lot of last […]

Del Nido: It’s ALL about the Calcium Baby!

“What it boiled down to is that Del Nido, when deployed for long complex cases becomes a clinical dance.  You go from a Mechanic to an Artist if you stay true to basic principals, have the patient’s welfare as your primary concern, and you have a strong negotiating relationship with your surgeon.  Anything less is […]

Perfusion Art

Editor’s Note:   Welcome to the Perfusion Photo Gallery This is a collection of Perfusion related pictures that have been submitted by perfusionists from all over the world. The intention is to develop an online photo gallery highlighting the lives and events of people in our profession, thereby becoming a bridge between perfusion cultures, as […]

“Can Do!” Is DEFINITELY in LivaNova’s Dictionary!

“I am impressed.  I feel that in some ways, people and organizations define themselves and improve consumer confidence- more by the manner in which they  handle adversity as opposed to how they harness success.” Editor’s Note: When I was a Navy Hospital Corpsman, in charge of an ER somewhere in the Republic of the Philippines, […]