Even Perfusionists Have to Sell Girl Scout Cookies !

Yep… We have reached that moment where for better or worse-  this blog ventures briefly into the realm of solicitation. Time to help with cookie sales for my daughter Kimberly- So please order a bunch of cookies to help her out- Hey it’s part of being a Dad in America.  And I am lucky enough […]

A Day in the Life : A Hot Rainy Summer Day

Just one of those days.  Nothing scary on the horizon- and our desert world is getting watered 🙂 Loaded for Bear Torrential ?  Maybe not- but you never know when there will be some blood loss to be dealt with … One of those AAA cases with a socked-in retro-peritoneum.. Too much time on my […]

The Month of “The Aorta”

Click on this pic- It is awesome ! It’s been the month of “The Aorta”.  That is for sure.  A few surprises CABG’s shape-shifting to unplanned  AVR’s, or impromptu aortic resections. The aneurism, slips in like a hungry python.  Just shows up and there it is!  Puffed up in all it’s glory. So we deal […]

A Day in the Life : 2 Arches & 2 Hearts

It’s either FEAST or famine in this world of ours, and the last 2 1/2 days have been on the left side of that equation. fait accompli Torrential ?  Maybe not- but there was some blood to be dealt with … In English, (and in French) fait accompli means a course of events that has […]