Letters from a Perfusionist in Germany: Coming to America…

Editor’s Note: Hi Guys, I got this letter from a perfusionist in Germany. I don’t know if the ABCP recognizes Perfusion Certification from Europe.  I guess the question is- can he sit for the ABCP boards? Hi Frank, hope u can help.. i want to immigrate to the states after i finish my Master degree […]

Looking for 50 cases to Re-instate CCP

Hi, My name is Maureen Gray and I had the CCP credential from 1989 through 1996.  I was trained with Psicor/Oakland University in Rochester Mi, 84-86, worked until 94 all over the country.  I have recently returned to the surgical suite as a Clinical Technician:  ATS, IABC etc. I am taking the PBSE in October […]