Perfusion Policies 101: Angiomax

Editor’s Note: The use of alternatives to heparin in terms of managing anicoagulation doesn’t come up often.  It’s easy to get a bit rusty when it comes to using exotic agents such as Ancrod (Hirudin), Angiomax and similar agents. So here is a brief refresher, and as always- a disclaimer here:  Use this information with […]


Angiomax Perfusion Issues Reconstitute Angiomax in OR- 250 mg in powder with 5 cc NSS=  50 mg per ml. No heparin coated surfaces (circuit, CDI, Swann Ganz– etc) Angiomax ½ life = 25 minutes Will precipitate if blood is allowed to pool Observed clot in the pericardium (after Angiomax is bolused)  is Normal- remove with […]