Why is my Patient Bleeding? A Snapshot of Hemostasis, Part II

Click on image to view source article Editor’s Note: We have all revisted this pathway intensively throughout our careers, and of course, we have all been clinically challenged by open-heart cases that test our fundamental understanding of coagulation theory in real time, at a level that certainly reflects a fairly deep dive into esoteric hematology. So i am keeping it simple, and found […]

Protamine Reaction

“It binds to heparin to form a stable ion pair which does not have anticoagulant activity; on its own, protamine has a weak anticoagulant effect.”   Protamine sulfate is a drug that reverses the anticoagulant effects of heparin by binding to it. Protamine was originally isolated from the sperm of salmon and other species of […]

Heparin Metabolization or AT3 Deficiency ?

There has been a drive lately to reduce the amount of heparin administration during bypass at a couple of institutions I have been at. I’m all for that, although some of the parameters placed before us are clearly unrealistic and forwarded by people that know nothing about perfusion except what they have read in a […]