Perfusion Art: The ECMO Wishbone

“The ECMO Wishbone“ ___ __Click image to enlarge- Photographer:  Nadia Azuero, BS, CCP Equipment:  Digital:  5S Iphone Editing:  By ‘Surfers:  Saturation Narrative:  The bifurcation of the arterial line for a bridge: ECMO:  “Make a wish” Time & Place:  Estados Unidos About The Artist: Nadia is a Solo Perfusion Contractor, and is currently transitioning to become a physician.  […]

Survey Results: Graft Preservation During Heart Transplant

Photograph by Dario Fichera:  Click Image to view Facebook Profile. Editors Note: I contacted Mr. Morton regarding permission to reprint the results of this survey.  I thank him for this opportunity.  It was initially submitted to AMSECT via PERFLIST. Graft Preservation During Heart Transplant Authored by:  John Morton, BS, CCP “I would like to thank […]