Perfusion Art: “The Package”

“The Package” _____ Photographer:  Brian C. Forsberg, MPH, CCP Equipment:  Digital: Editing:  Cropping Narrative:   Ecuador, 2011:  The Heart Lung Machine is delivered… Time & Place:  Ecuador About The Artist: Brian volunteers his time @ ICHF as a pediatric perfusionist. “I currently live in Miami and am the a practice Manager of two medical practices, DeGraft-Johnson […]

Perfusion Art: “Anatomy of the HLM”

“Anatomy of the HLM” _____ Photographer:  bijender.bali Equipment:  Digital: Editing:  Photoshop:  Contrast Elements:  Cropping Narrative:   This is the anatomy of hl 20 heart lung machine,,,, Time & Place:  New Delhi About The Artist:  Rides a Scooter To View The Entire Gallery- Click the Image Below To Submit A Picture: email:

Perfusion Art: “The Noble Life”

“The Noble Life” Submitted By:  Michael-Joshua Morris:  Heart Mate II Recipient Photographer:  Jerry Hecht Equipment:  35 mm Editing:  Black and White conversion:  Color for emphasis; Cropping & Lens filter Narrative:  ({{PD-USGov-NIH}} Heart-lung machine in a cardiac surgery. 6010×4586 (2,271,792 bytes) {{PD-USGov-HHS-NIH}} Title: Coronary artery bypass surgery Image ID: 657 C Photographer: Jerry Hecht Restrictions: […]

Perfusion Art: “Ready To Go On”

“Ready To Go On” _____ Submitted By: Marianne Veir Pilger, CCP Equipment:  Digital:  Smart Phone Editing:  Fish Bowl Filter: Contrast Adjustments Narrative:  Pending Details Time & Place:  2011:  Madison, Wisconsin About The Artist:  Perfusionist in Madison:  Head of Dog Rescue. (You should visit the Rescue if you have a chance:) German-Shepherd-Rescue-Alliance-of-Wisconsin To View The Entire Gallery- […]

Perfusion Art: “Different Worlds Same Blood”

“Different Worlds Same Blood” _________________Click to Enlarge Artist:  Chisa Tolliver, Perfusion Associate Equipment:  Oil Painting Editing:  Original Piece Narrative:  Working in Medicine with an Artist’s Perspective. Time & Place:  2006:  Dallas Tx About The Artist:  Starving Artist  (Short & Sweet) Email:  For other works, purchase, or custom paintings… To View The Entire Gallery- Click […]

Media Scrum

(This is actually @ the End of the day…) An interesting day in the OR here. Every once in a while a high profile case that is deemed “media-worthy” falls into your lap. In this case it’s a charity pediatric ASD repair for a young girl from south of our southern borders. I’m a bystander […]

ICHF: A Man on a Mission: [2]

Author & Message:  Courtesy of Mr. Brian Forsberg, MPH, CCP ICHF Mission It is every child’s right to be born into a world where he or she can thrive, grow to be strong and make their parents proud. It is not, however, every child’s destiny. One in every 100 children born in the developing world […]

A Man on a Mission: [1]

Santa Domingo… I think we all have visions or dreams of what we find adventurous and fascinating about the field of perfusion.  I know I have thought of going to unusual places like Mongolia, or exotic South East Asian cities to work as a perfusionist.  Australia, New Zealand and the Maori warrior-spirit thing. Sepia toned […]

A Roman Dialogue: [1]

(Rome) Introduction Mr. Emiliano Vitalini, CCP is an Italian perfusionist that sent a note my way, and sent me a link to his impressive website I took a look at it and was amazed at the body of work- and the time and dedication it took.  I don’t speak Italian, although my family name […]

Myocardial Oxygen Balance

Myocardial Oxygen Balance Maintaining the blood’s oxygen carrying capacity to vital organ structures and peripheral vascular beds is the primary consideration for cardiovascular perfusion. Oxygen content is defined as the number of cc’s contained in 100 cc of whole blood.  This value is derived from a combination of physical and physiological parameters that can be […]

Tunnel Vision

Causes Extreme fear or distress, most often in the context of a panic attack. During periods of high adrenaline production, such as an intense physical fight. Altitude sickness, hypoxia in passenger aircraft Exposure to oxygen at a partial pressure above 1.5-2 atmospheres, producing central nervous system oxygen toxicity, notably while diving.  Other symptoms can include […]

If What You Did Yesterday Seems Big…

IF WHAT YOU DID YESTERDAY SEEMS BIG, YOU HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING TODAY.  – Lou Holtz So this is a Perfusion Blog, and what does any of that have to do with us? Well to begin with we weren’t always us. Most of your old-school perfusionists had probably worked in another healthcare related field for quite […]

Methylene Blue & CPB

Is Methylene blue an Effective Adjunct Therapy for Treating Refractory Hypotension in Septic Endocarditis? This question was posed to me from a member of Perflist who submitted the question a few months ago. I really wasn’t familiar with the topic, have never seen Methylene Blue used for anything but urology cases to inspect the patency […]

From Point A to Point B : Packed Cells

Blood Transfusion on CPB I usually know if I am going to transfuse a patient during the course of cardiopulmonary bypass. Aside from the obvious co-factors associated with blood product administration (Kg, gender, HgB, age, susceptibility to stroke, estimated hemodilution, platelet count, antiplatelets Rx, and a few others), surgical dynamics also come into play. But […]

Metabolism and Hypothermia

Metabolism and Hypothermia Hypothermia while being a common problem associated with all operations, remains an inseparable aspect of cardiopulmonary bypass that has a profound impact on most enzyme systems, and the coagulation cascade. Activated clotting time, prothrombin times and partial thromboplastin times are prolonged and platelets become nonfunctional as the body temperature is lowered (usually […]

Mitral Stenosis

Mitral Stenosis The incidence of mitral valve stenosis is associated with scarring of the valve due to rheumatic fever.  Fibrosis restricts the mobility of the valve leaflets and commissures that eventually leads to valve funneling or retraction.  The normal mitral valve diameter is 4-6 cm2.  Hemodynamic changes occur when the valve aperture is diminished to […]

9.11 . 2001

* 911 is like a Genetic Memory It is burned into the context of our society. * It begs the question of when the number 911 was initially designated as the universal distress signal, if there wasn’t a brief precognitive slip of racial intuition, and it was actually at that point a painful memory as […]