Passing 1/2 a Million Visits !

140 Countries…..       ++++ 550,000 + visits …..         51 +Months ….. Thanks to Everyone for Helping Us Make This Happen   🙂   Established On :  2 / 20 / 2011 Owner & President:  Bryan Lich, CCP Editor and Founder:  Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP Passing 550,000 + Visits… 140 countries […]

The BEST of the BEST: ‘Surfers 2014

(Click on any images below to read associated article)  Editor’s Note: 2014 was a break out year for Circuit Surfers.  with roughly 130,000 visits and increasing our readership significantly- we have become a comfortable and diverse on-line meeting site for perfusionists from all over the globe to visit and interact. Thank you for your support […]

2015 : A Perfusion Flash Mob

Editor’s Note: I have been doing this for 4 years now, and am astonished to see the outpouring of community spirit by perfusionists from all over the globe.  We used to not know each other :).  It reminded me a bit of a flash mob. A flash mob (or flashmob) is a group of people who […]

From: Circuit Surfers WITH! Happy New Year!

To view all of the New Year’s FB messages on’s FB- click image above 🙂 A Message from Bryan Lich, CCP I want to thank everyone who has supported Circuit Surfer’s over the last 4 years. This year will represent a new chapter for Circuit Surfer’s, as it is now part of the family. I […]

Circuit Surfers is 2 Years Old !

Why?  Cuz I think cool pictures are part of our lives … 2 Years … Wow !  Never really thought it would go this long- or that it went by so fast. First of all- Thanks all of you for joining and reading.  Slowly you guys started trusting or at least enjoying the site- and […]

VAD / ECMO Policy: Generic & Universal

Editor’s Note: This is a disclaimer: As with all material presented on this site,  please use your own judgement as to what you feel is clinically safe, vetted, and makes sense to you.  This blog is NOT peer reviewed or sanctioned by any perfusion associated review board or academic body. That is not to say […]

A Letter from Florence, Italy

I got this letter from a reader overseas.  I am printing it because every once in awhile we can all use a lift, and the last few days, a lot of heavy criticism has been laid down regarding Circuit Surfers.  So thank you Seanne.  It really helped 🙂 Hi! I’m Seanne Azzolina, born in Dallas […]