Why is my Patient Bleeding? A Snapshot of Hemostasis

To view source article and take the Quiz- click on image above 🙂 Editor’s Note: Having just finished a case where we used Angiomax as our heparin substitute, I felt that the anticoagulation pathway, is truly a complex animal, and deserves a closer review. We have all revisted this pathway intensively throughout our careers, and of course, […]

Coagulation Issues: Fibrinolysis & HIT: Helpful Graphics

Fibrinolysis Fibrinolysis is the dissolution of the clot formation process involving the plasma protein plasminogen.  This system of enzymes dissolves blood clots by the lysis of fibrin.  Fibrinolysis plays a role as well in other biological processes such as tissue repair, macrophage activation and function, ovulation, and embryo implantation.  Fibrinolysis is mediated by plasmin and […]