Week 2: Our Warriors: Meet Angelica…

Editor’s Note: Say HELLO to Angelica. She stands tall and should make us all proud. More about that later… This is week two of the coronavirus wave, and I have to admit that last week was like getting a bucket of cold water splashed in your face to wake you up from your sleep. Not […]

Covid 19: ITALY Will Prevail !

Editor’s Note: All I can say is that I have known Giuseppe Salerno since I started this blog.  I love this man- because he is so very straight up and just a very decent human being. He cares- and that stands out in all things G (my short name for Giuseppe). We have never met- […]

CoronaVirus: Our Heroic Chinese Colleagues, Brothers, & Sisters

Editor’s Note: The following pictures are very poignant and hard hitting.  They are of us- people- the Chinese people- our brothers and sisters.  What I see when I look at these images is not panic or fear, it is a resolute and concise determination to confront our fear and defeat not an unknown enemy– rather […]