Del Nido cardioplegia: A one stop shot for adult cardiac surgery?

Bryan Lich This article can be found on as well as the PDC FaceBook Group. Bryan Lich, CCP is the owner and Co-Editor of Circuit Surfers.  He also manages a very informative FB page dedicated to disseminating Perfusion communication throughout the world.  This article is duplicated and forwarded here in an effort to maximize […]

Looking for Protocols… The Potential Benefits of del Nido Cardioplegia

Editor’s Note: I got a message quite awhile ago regarding del Nido cardioplegia.  I posted it a year or so ago- but saw a great post regarding this on Perflist, and contacted Jorge Molina, CCP for his opinion… Frank, “I wanted to post a question on your site asking if anyone has experience, protocols or […]