Product Review: Orpheus Perfusion Simulator

Editors Comment: I first saw this simulator discussed in a very fine Live Blog of the 2011 ANZCP Perfusion Conference, forwarded by Mr. Martin Glill, perfusionist  from Australia. I personally haven’t seen it deployed or demonstrated at a conference, because I don’t go to as many perfusion meetings as I would like to. So here […]

Product Review: Medos Pediatric Oxygenators

I saw a question regarding the Medos Pediatric Oxygenator, and thought I would I would lay down some details gleaned form a google search. This is not an endorsement or advertisement, simply some company details and product specifications. Click any image to view the Medos  corporate site.  (It’s in German) Click image to enlarge.

New Technologies:

The CentriMag VAD (Levitronix) I was asked by one of our surgeons about this device.  Having not seen it personally, I wanted to solicit opinions of individuals that have had the opportunity to either trial it- or have seen a demonstration of this device.  Any and all comments would be appreciated, please leave them in […]