Arrhythmia Classification

Arrhythmia Classification Four methods: 1:  Site of impulse formation–sinus rhythm, atrial rhythms, junctional rhythms. 2:  Mechanism–tachy, brady, premature contractions. 3:  Conduction disorder–LBBB, RBBB, complete AV block. 4:  Seriousness or prognosis–minor, major, fatal. (1) Minor–S tachy, S brady, PAC’s, PNC’s,  PAC (<6 / min.) (2) Major–A fib, 1°, 2 °,3° block, PAC, PNC, PVC (>6/min.) (3) […]

Depolarization- Repolarization

Depolarization- Repolarization Resting membrane Potential (RMP) Electrical potential of cell at rest.  Above example is cardiac muscle tissue. Action Potential The five – phase process characterized by the movement of K+, Na, and Ca++( primarily) across cell membrane. Threshold potential (TP) The point at which a stimulus will initiate a response helps determine Automaticity of […]