From Turkey: Type II Aortic Dissection

Editor’s Note:  I was cruising through FB this morning, before watching Purdue play college football today (another “W” for the other team) when my friend Mehmet Çetintaş tagged me with this post on a type II aortic dissection in which antegrade cerebral protection was employed.  I included a roughly translated thread attached to this picture to […]

An ECMO in OMAN: FB Discussion

Editor’s Note: I saw this discussion on the Group FB page, and thought it merited a post here on ‘Surfes– to demonstrate how effective new media communication can be in real time. Please feel free to add to the discussion 🙂 Frank = Saleh Al Harthy Yesterday at 9:36am · Al Amarat, Oman – […]

To India: Long Distance Advice…

Editor’s Note: I was just kicking around Face Book when I got an online message from somewhere in India (I believe). Let me clarify 1st-  that I DO NOT represent myself or this blog as a Perfusion Help Line- but I do advocate that we use new media to facilitate situations exactly like this. So […]

It’s All the SAME LANGUAGE …

Click above to view Manoj Sharma’s FB page It’s All the Same … I put this up- because of how remarkably similar the cultures of cardiovascular perfusion are throughout the world.  It’s not a dynamic video- but it demonstrates what we all see on a routine basis. It was submitted on FB by Manoj Sharma […]


Looking for Written protocols Anybody have any Experience with this Technology? (Click Image to View Website) I got a Facebook Question today… “Do you know of any written protocols for the Angiovac? I have emailed the company and asked for an inservice and protocols and have not heard back from them. Thanks, Michelle” The Company […]

Facebook, Twitter & CCP’s

The Online Perfusion Community Becoming a Community implies More than having the initials “CCP” in common… I encourage anyone that is interested- to consider Facebook as a personal option for staying in touch as a community.  It’s intriguing- the possibilities seemingly limited only by our imagination. It’s not like some heavy duty commitment or anything […]