IABP 101: Preparation and Insertion

Bill– showing us the guidewire and dilator coming together… Editors Note: This is a three part series- “IABP 101” designed to simply refresh or introduce the basic concepts of applying diastolic augmentation for the high risk cardiac patient.  Again, some of the concepts here will seem to be fairly rudimentary for a seasoned perfusionist, but […]

The IABP: “Say Hello to our Leettle Friend…”

Increased Afterload Editor’s Note: Although the distance between Perfusion and IABP’s has increased over the years due to smarter consoles, auto-timing features, training of Nursing and Cardiac Cath lab personnel, every once in awhile you find yourself at a clinical site that relies more heavily on perfusionists as a resource for Intra-aortic Balloon Pump therapy. So […]

Fiber Optic IABP :

Any Comments or Observations ? – Nooo…  It’s NOT – the “Little Shop of Horrors” Plant (As Editor… I get to do cool stuff like this…) / Regarding Fiber Optic IABP’s … We have migrated completely to fiber optic Intraaortic Balloons. What is your experience with these? Any clinical issues? I have looked for any […]