Cold Agglutinins

Literature: Click image to view source article Cold Agglutinins in Cardiac Surgery: Management of Myocardial Protection and Cardiopulmonary Bypass CAs are autoantibodies to RBC antigens [3], which can causesystemic thrombosis and hemolysis. The cause of these CAs maybe primary/idiopathic, or more commonly, secondary to an infectiveprocess (eg, mycoplasma, human immunodeficiency virus) or alymphoproliferative disorder [2]. […]

Cold Agglutinins v.1

I.    BACKGROUND: Hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass with the use of cold blood cardioplegia carries with it the risk of red cell agglutination caused by unsuspected cold agglutinin disease.  Patients with this condition possess serum antibodies which become reactive at temperatures usually less than 30°C and are directed against an antigen of the human erythrocyte causing agglutination […]