Perfusion Iraq: Night Lights

Editor’s Note: Found this enlightening (no pun) innovation on the FB page. Submitted by:  Ahmed G. Sarfan Local machine light When we loss the support, we should go on.. Local HLM light designed by local Nasiriyah Heart Center team. Very nice 🙂

Perfusion Art: “Najaf”

“Najaf”    ________Click image to enlarge Artist:  Unknown Equipment: Digital Editing:  None Narrative:   Surreal picture of a surgical procedure taken in Najaf, Iraq.  I just want to say that I am proud to share what has been an amazing effort of courage and fortitude to all the Iraqis and members of ICHF that have helped restore […]

From Our Perfusion Friends in Iraq

Editor’s Note: Hussein Najim Perfusionist This is a perfusionist in Iraq that trained and worked with Brian Forsberg, MS, CCP (working with ICHF). I see him on FB once in awhile- he is always kind and in good spirits.  So enjoy the picture and realize that we are truly blessed – each in our own […]

New Job Opportunity at : Pediatric Perfusionist, Nasiriyah, Iraq

Click image to view AMSECT job opportunity Job description Pediatric Perfusionist,  Nasiriyah, Iraq Free Job & Resume’ Posting email: (Click Image if you are Looking for Work)

Urgent Need : A Perfusionist for 2 weeks in Najaf, Iraq

Hello Frank, Is there any way you can post this urgent appeal for us? Thank you for anything you can do… Brian C. Forsberg, MPH CCP email response to: We are in URGENT need of a Perfusionist for Two Weeks on the following trip.  Please let me know if you are available for this mission as […]

Pediatric Hearts in Iraq

Click to View Site and Read this Story… Got a quick note from my friend Brian Forsberg, and I followed the link which led me to the story I am highlighting above. I contacted the authors of this blog, because I liked what I saw, I liked the effort, and I especially was touched by […]

A Man on a Mission: [1]

Santa Domingo… I think we all have visions or dreams of what we find adventurous and fascinating about the field of perfusion.  I know I have thought of going to unusual places like Mongolia, or exotic South East Asian cities to work as a perfusionist.  Australia, New Zealand and the Maori warrior-spirit thing. Sepia toned […]