Perfusion Art: “Najaf”

“Najaf”¬† ¬†¬†________Click image to enlarge Artist:¬† Unknown Equipment: Digital Editing:¬† None Narrative:¬†¬† Surreal picture of a surgical procedure taken in Najaf, Iraq.¬† I just want to say that I am proud to share what has been an amazing effort of courage and fortitude to all the Iraqis and members of ICHF that have helped restore […]

From Our Perfusion Friends in Iraq

Editor’s Note: Hussein Najim Perfusionist This is a perfusionist in Iraq that trained and worked with Brian Forsberg, MS, CCP (working with ICHF). I see him on FB once in awhile- he is always kind and in good spirits. ¬†So enjoy the picture and realize that we are truly blessed – each in our own […]

New Job Opportunity at : Pediatric Perfusionist, Nasiriyah, Iraq

Click image to view AMSECT job opportunity Job description Pediatric Perfusionist,¬† Nasiriyah, Iraq Free Job & Resume’ Posting email:¬† (Click Image if you are Looking for Work)

Urgent Need : A Perfusionist for 2 weeks in Najaf, Iraq

Hello Frank, Is there any way you can post this¬†urgent¬†appeal for us? Thank you for anything you can do… Brian C. Forsberg, MPH CCP email response to:¬† We are in URGENT need of a Perfusionist for Two Weeks on the following trip.¬† Please let me know if you are available for this mission as […]

Pediatric Hearts in Iraq

Click to View Site and Read this Story… Got a quick note from my friend Brian Forsberg, and I followed the link which led me to the story I am highlighting above. I contacted the authors of this blog, because I liked what I saw, I liked the effort, and I especially was touched by […]

A Man on a Mission: [1]

Santa Domingo… I think we all have visions or dreams of what we find adventurous and fascinating about the field of perfusion.¬† I know I have thought of going to unusual places like Mongolia, or exotic South East Asian cities to work as a perfusionist.¬† Australia, New Zealand and the Maori warrior-spirit thing. Sepia toned […]