Saturday Morning Brunch : Global Missions

Some good looking eggs … A Global “Mission” So how do we develop a global network ? Step 1: Identify the Mission It’s About People … Right ? Step II : Gather Your Most Valuable Resource: People Reach for the Sky ?  Better Yet- Let’s Network…. Step III : Materials & Supplies- A Big step […]

Pediatric Hearts in Iraq

Click to View Site and Read this Story… Got a quick note from my friend Brian Forsberg, and I followed the link which led me to the story I am highlighting above. I contacted the authors of this blog, because I liked what I saw, I liked the effort, and I especially was touched by […]

Pediatric-Hemoconcentrators Needed…

To be used for training:  Preparing for a Pediatric Mission … Jeffrey P. Sites I am hoping to find a few pediatric hemoconcentrators for a pediatric mission training program I will be running at the end of June- I have gotten only one offer of support from Sorin – THANK YOU! for 2 ,but I […]