New Technologies: The MedLED CHROME Headlight

Editor’s Note: Recently at one of the OR’s I was visiting, we had a visit from a rep from The KLS Martin Group, regarding a fresh perspective on an old problem: Cordless Headlights that have the muscle to last through an open heart procedure. I was impressed with the enthusiasm and tenaciousness of this KLS representative, Lauren […]

Letters From the Philippines: Improving O2 Transfer?

Editor’s Note: Hi Guys, I got this letter from a Filipino  perfusionist via FaceBook.  If any of you have any engineering insights into the mechanics of increasing Oxygenator surface area for improving O2/CO2 exchange , can you send replies to Kevin Tabamo’s FB page? Thanks ! = = 🙂 Frank Click image to respond directly […]

Letters From Pakistan: Questions on the CardioHelp System

Click image to view manufacturer’s information on this product- Editor’s Note: Hi Guys, I got this letter from a Pakistani perfusionist via LinkedIn.  If any of you have any Experience using the CardioHelp System, can you send replies here to ‘Surfers? I have no experience with the device, so it would be inappropriate for me […]

ECMO Research Study : This is a PAID Survey…

Editor’s Note: I spoke with this gentleman on the phone for a bit.  He was a well spoken and forthright individual.  This survey is important for our profession in terms of evaluating new ECMO principals and applications. Please respond to his email or phone number if you are interested in participating in the survey/study 🙂 […]

A Quick Guide to Changing Out the Terumo FX15 / 25 Oxygenator

Editor’s Note: I had an early Op-Cab and was looking at a primed circuit that I had set up the day before- for a case that was also an Op-Cab.  It was primed with Normal Saline, no meds, and would have been fine to use on our patient today. I decided to go ahead and […]

The Jena Universal Perfusion System

Click image above to view source article A Universal Cardiopulmonary Bypass Circuit for Cardiac Surgery The system was developed as a universal cardiopulmonary bypass circuit for cardiac surgery. The central part is a new type of reservoir, which is an assembly of two components:  the lower half is comparable to a standard hard-shell reservoir as […]

Long-Term Outcomes Favor Heart Surgery Over Stents and Angioplasty

Long-Term Outcomes Favor Heart Surgery Over Stents and Angioplasty Released: 1/23/2013 8:00 AM EST Embargo expired: 1/29/2013 3:05 AM EST Source Newsroom: Society of Thoracic Surgeons (more news from this source) Press conference: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. PT Room 512, LA Convention Center Newswise — Los Angeles—Patients who undergo coronary artery bypass […]

New Technologies: The Hemobag:

Editor’s Note: A friend of mine asked me for my opinion of the Hemobag, a blood-salvaging device designed for whole blood recovery of residual post-CPB volume. I have never used it- so I ask for your opinions on the efficacy as it pertains to ultrafiltration, perioperative cellsaving, and scavenging the residual volume of the ECC […]

New Technologies : CORMATRIX: Bio-Tissue Technology

Click image to view source article = = Editor’s Note: This is a product I discovered while reading online @ the FB site “Gruppo dei Perfusionisti!!!” an I Italian on-line perfusion group.  My frriend Emiliano Vitalini posted the link for the article- and I had seen an insert on it before- so thought I would […]

New Technologies : FerroFluids- Artificial Heart Technology

Click image to view source article Editor’s Note: I got this link from a friend of mine, an extremely talented Operating Room instructor, Paul Landman. “Saw this while reading a news app. Thought you’d find it interesting. Ferrofluid heart mimics human biology to circulate blood.” A new ferrofluid-based artificial heart design seeks to aid transplant […]

Product Review: Orpheus Perfusion Simulator

Editors Comment: I first saw this simulator discussed in a very fine Live Blog of the 2011 ANZCP Perfusion Conference, forwarded by Mr. Martin Glill, perfusionist  from Australia. I personally haven’t seen it deployed or demonstrated at a conference, because I don’t go to as many perfusion meetings as I would like to. So here […]

New Technologies: Edwards EMBOL-X System

I got a tweet from a perfusionist asking for some clinical insight into the application of the Edwards EMBOL-X arterial cannula / system. I was totally unfamiliar with it, so I looked up some product information and am posting it here. If any of you have used the system, and have any helpful hints or […]

Product Review: Medos Pediatric Oxygenators

I saw a question regarding the Medos Pediatric Oxygenator, and thought I would I would lay down some details gleaned form a google search. This is not an endorsement or advertisement, simply some company details and product specifications. Click any image to view the Medos  corporate site.  (It’s in German) Click image to enlarge.

New Technologies:

The CentriMag VAD (Levitronix) I was asked by one of our surgeons about this device.  Having not seen it personally, I wanted to solicit opinions of individuals that have had the opportunity to either trial it- or have seen a demonstration of this device.  Any and all comments would be appreciated, please leave them in […]