International CQI: USA: Total Oxygenator Failure

Operation: ACB x 3. Pt. Data 70 years old Gender: Male 71 inches 79 Kilograms 1.94 BSA Baseline Hematocrit- 44% Pertinant Hx: Unremarkable. No coagulopathic issues No other issues-  patient appeared to be  robust and healthy. Plan: ACB x 3:  Mild Hypothermia- 34 degrees C.. Prime Constituents: 300 ml  Normosol 5,000 units heparin 37.5 g […]

A Quick Guide to Changing Out the Terumo FX15 / 25 Oxygenator

Editor’s Note: I had an early Op-Cab and was looking at a primed circuit that I had set up the day before- for a case that was also an Op-Cab.  It was primed with Normal Saline, no meds, and would have been fine to use on our patient today. I decided to go ahead and […]

Oxygenator Changeout

PROCEDURE FOR IMPLEMENTATION: A.        Equipment Needed: 1.         One (1) new oxygenator 2.         Four (4 – 6) tubing clamps 3.         Sterile heavy scissors or knife blade 4.         Alcohol swabs B.         Procedure for Changing Membrane Oxygenators: 1.         If warm, cool the patient if time permits. 2.         Close the arterial line filter bleed line, turn off the […]

Failing Oxygenator

Case Report- Failing Oxygenator… Operation: Aortic Valve Replacement, End to End Graft from Aortic Root to Ascending Aorta. Pt. Data 55 years old Gender excluded 71 inches 95 Kilograms 2.15 BSA Baseline Hematocrit- 48% Pertinant Hx: Unremarkable. No coagulopathic issues No antiplatelet regimen Severe AI Mild AS Dilated Root No other issues-  patient appeared to […]