Saturday Morning Brunch XI

Saturday Morning Brunch (2nd  Weekend of June) (To see all the of the Saturday Morning Brunch series click here.) Substance Overrules Form … You know what has been great about this blog? It’s Pure… (You get to look at totally  irrelevant but very cool pictures like these) It’s here for one reason and one reason […]

Saturday Morning Brunch II

Saturday Morning Brunch (First  Weekend of March) (Click Here if you want to skip to a list of posts) Let’s Pig Out ! Lechon from the Philippines Surf’s Up ! And it’s a bit earlier than Saturday here in the states, but I launched early to accommodate the other half of the world. G”Day, guten […]

Surfers’ 5 YEAR Anniversary! Retro to Feb 2011: Saturday Morning Brunch I

The European Contingent

A RETRO look at the second post on Circuit Surfers (Feb 25th 2011).  Where are all the RED dots? Editor’s Note: I chose the 2nd post because the 1st one was to put it mildly- somewhat embarrassing. It’s like re-reading something you wrote back in 6th grade embarrassing. What is NOT embarrassing, is that over […]