A Letter to ‘Surfers : How Can I Subscribe ?

Editor’s Note: This is a note I got yesterday regarding following CircuitSurfers.com via email notification (subscription). = Hi Frank , We recently moved our pediatric services to the Childrens of Alabama facility connected to a crosswalk to UAB. I have changed my email address.   Please forward your blog to that email. I miss seeing […]

A Letter to ‘Surfers : How do you do WHAT yOU do ?

Editor’s Note: This was a significant comment made when I first started ‘Surfers. = Teutonic, I don’t know how you guys can do what you do. When I heard some of the stories told by the wife of my bypass friend, of how she frequented the hospital every day and ranted and raved and assaulted […]

A Letter to ‘Surfers : From Jordan: How Many Perfusionits are Required Per Case?

Click Image above to go directly to Mr. Ali’s FB page 🙂 Editor’s Note: Most places I have worked, it was with one perfusionist per case- unless the degree of difficulty implied the need for more assistance.  At one point in my career we did have a perfusion assistant on each case.  At another point, […]

A Letter to ‘Surfers : “I Read Your Words…”

Editor’s Note: This was a response I wanted to share with all of us. It’s a BIG thank you for the passion and dedication we all give to the profession. From one-of-us that is from outside-of-us that views-another-side-of-us… Janet Rabin. A Constant spark of encouragement and kind words. Thank you. = From Janet Rabin: I […]

A Letter to ‘Surfers : A Response to the Question

Editor’s Note: This was an elegant response I received in the comments section of a recent post… “Redneck or Bleeding Liberal?” The author is Patrizio Sartini, I imagine to be an Italian perfusionist based on the name- but not quite certain of that. I thought it raised many thoughts well worth sharing. = From Mr. […]

A Letter to ‘Surfers : Redneck- or Bleeding Liberal ?

“Bring It ! “ Editor’s Note: I got this letter today, and found it pretty funny. No harm and no foul either way i answer… I enjoyed the letter and was humbled that anyone would really care enough to take the time to wonder 🙂 = From Mr. Martin: (Australia) Hi Frank I am about […]

A Letter to ‘Surfers : The Missioneer

= From Michael Parpard, RRT, CCP Frank, Love your website ! I have been a Pediatric Perfusionist for 17 years, and just recently heard about your Circuit Surfers from a few friends that follow your website. I have been going on Pediatric Mission trips almost my whole career, and even helped send Brian Forsberg on […]

臨床工学技士 : Japanese Scope of Practice ?

Hi, Sorry to email you out of the blues. I like your blog very much. It is very informative and gives me a better insight into the live and work of a Perfusionist. I hope someday I can contribute as a Perfusionist too. I am currently doing a BSc in Biological Sciences and hoping to […]

A Letter to ‘Surfers : The State of the Blog …

A while ago I got an email from a colleague across the pond (the one leading down to the southern hemisphere), a Mr. Martin Gill. If you have followed Circuit Surfers, you will remember Martin as the Australian pediatric perfusionist that did an extraordinary series of posts in the form of a “Live Blog” of […]

A Letter to ‘Surfers : IABP Protocols

= From Greta: Hey Frank How goes it?  Hope all is well in TEXAS!!! A hospital administrator came to my office the other day and wanted to know if the Perfusion society or organization has anything in their by-laws or standard of care practices, about how often a IABP should be managed on the Nursing floor i.e. (daily checks).  I know […]

A Letter to ‘Surfers : Graduate School …

= From Jeff: Mr. Aprile, My name is Jeff  and I have been following Circuit Surfers for a few weeks now after being introduced to perfusion careers by a professor of mine. Since then, I have been enthralled by the field and am seriously considering the possibility of a perfusion career over general medicine. Currently, […]

A Letter from Florence, Italy

I got this letter from a reader overseas.  I am printing it because every once in awhile we can all use a lift, and the last few days, a lot of heavy criticism has been laid down regarding Circuit Surfers.  So thank you Seanne.  It really helped 🙂 Hi! I’m Seanne Azzolina, born in Dallas […]