Welcome to HIPEC!

2 Cone Heads 🙂 Editor’s Note: I had an opportunity to assist and learn how to do a HIPEC procedure.  This was an extraordinary experience, and this perfusion group in Iowa should definitely be recognized for the advanced perfusion techniques they do routinely, that many of us have never had the opportunity to be a part […]

Oxygenator Changeout

PROCEDURE FOR IMPLEMENTATION: A.        Equipment Needed: 1.         One (1) new oxygenator 2.         Four (4 – 6) tubing clamps 3.         Sterile heavy scissors or knife blade 4.         Alcohol swabs B.         Procedure for Changing Membrane Oxygenators: 1.         If warm, cool the patient if time permits. 2.         Close the arterial line filter bleed line, turn off the […]