Perfusion IRAQ: Hussein Najim

“For the situation in my country made me a man in every sense and I was able to achieve what you dreamed it despite the difficult circumstances in which we live. I wish to live in peace.” Click to enlarge.  An amazing photo 🙂 Editors ‘Note: I have followed Hussein Najim’s FB page for a […]

Help ! PEDS & Adult: Locums Perfusionist Looking to Work…

(Meet David Webb, MS, LP, CCP) [26] Editor’s Note: Mr. David Webb, CCP, is an American perfusionist that sent a note my way, that goes as follows:  (He is looking for a locums position) “Frank, I hope this e-mail finds you well… Please consider posting my attached info. in your locum section of C.S.? Keep up the splendid […]

Circuit Surfers LIVE… On SiriusXM : Life Happens …

My Daughter … Hey guys- Am gonna be on a radio talk show tomorrow ! (Saturday the 30th) morning @ 10:00 am Lubbock time (11:00 am EST) Channel 107  SiriusXM Stars The Judith Regon Show 10 am – 12pm Editor’s Note: This is a story of a perfusionist who hit some hard times and […]

Heart Surgeon Reluctant to Leave Sudan for Oscars

Click images to enlarge Editors Note: I got an email from my overseas friend, Dario Fichera, an Italian perfusionist that is very involved in the international perfusion community. (Dario has been involved in perfusion mission work to Africa himself.) Below is the story he submitted- and I felt was compelling and very heart warming (no […]

An Italian Peds Mission to Africa !

Editor’s Note: This is a very fun and unique video of the experiences of one Italian perfusionist on a pediatric heart mission to Africa. Dario Fichera has been a friend for quite sometime- and has been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration as the ‘Surfers blog grew up. The following is his video as […]

The Adventure Downunder : By David Webb, CCP

Editor’s Note: Mr. David Webb, CCP, is an American perfusionist that sent a note my way, and wrote a fun story about his experience on temporary assignment to Sydney, Australia. He asked if I would put his story on ‘Surfers- And I feel it is fascinating and really makes you want to be there. So […]

A Day in the Life : A Hot Rainy Summer Day

Just one of those days.  Nothing scary on the horizon- and our desert world is getting watered 🙂 Loaded for Bear Torrential ?  Maybe not- but you never know when there will be some blood loss to be dealt with … One of those AAA cases with a socked-in retro-peritoneum.. Too much time on my […]

The Month of “The Aorta”

Click on this pic- It is awesome ! It’s been the month of “The Aorta”.  That is for sure.  A few surprises CABG’s shape-shifting to unplanned  AVR’s, or impromptu aortic resections. The aneurism, slips in like a hungry python.  Just shows up and there it is!  Puffed up in all it’s glory. So we deal […]

Veteran Diaries

By :  Anonymous Veteran Diaries Well Frank, I am happy that our conversation stimulated a new discussion topic. But Methuselah? Really?? Just kidding. I am actually not that sensitive about my age. I worked very hard to get to this point in life’s stages. A few thoughts about older perfusionists: My favorite instructors when I […]

A Day in the Life : 2 Arches & 2 Hearts

It’s either FEAST or famine in this world of ours, and the last 2 1/2 days have been on the left side of that equation. fait accompli Torrential ?  Maybe not- but there was some blood to be dealt with … In English, (and in French) fait accompli means a course of events that has […]

Not Quite Primed [3] : The Aftermath

(Click Image Above to Read Part 1) Editors Note:  This post is a composite of experiences, none of which are associated with any particular institution- or particular operation. On Sunday The inevitable, as myocardial tissue that had been used to buttress the repair, itself became ischemic, necrosed and died. With it went the repair, and […]