Is Verbal Abuse an Issue in The Heart Room?

Readers Comment:  “This is so necessary to discuss in our very small community. There is strength in numbers and unfortunately most perfusionists can easily find themselves isolated and feeling alone in their situation. Thank you for bringing this topic to light.”   Editor’s Note:   It’s a reasonable question– as it occurs on a daily […]

Plz Take This Survey: #PerfusionToo!

Editor’s Note:   I have been in medicine my entire life.  Janitor-Crisis Center Volunteer-EMT-Navy Hospital Corpsman-Surgical Scrub Tech-1st Assistant-Perfusionist.  That covers a few decades, 60+ hospitals, and a lot of medical professionals to meet, greet, and work with.  Obviously, with that sort of exposure, you see a lot of things, and colleagues share their thoughts, […]