TAVR: TransAortic or TransFemoral?

Editor’s Note: The last few places I have visited were programs that were scaling up their TAVR programs. ¬†There are¬†some pretty exciting and innovative technologies on the rise in the realm of Hybrid technology. ¬†Many of us standby for these procedures, I personally have only had to place one patient on emergent CPB- primarily for […]

Hybrid OR [1] The Genesis of

Meet Andrea…¬† One part of the beginning of the process- Editor’s Note: Over the past year or so, a Hybrid room as been under construction, here in West Texas.¬† Being very close to one of the cardiac operating rooms- during this process, the sounds of drilling and hammering mix in with Pink Floyd, Annie Lennox, […]

Percutaneous AVR

Editor’s Note: I saw an interesting image of an aortic stent on the SUNY FB page, and followed their link to the source.¬† I think the images and concept are perfusion-review worthy, so I thought I would bring it to you and see what you think. Aortic Valve Replacement Module Provides comprehensive practice on endovascular […]