Bicarb Alternatives: Sodium Acetate & Balanced Crystalloids

Editor’s Note: Authorization for the contributions below were obtained from each contributor via email.  Please see comments section… Balanced Crystalloids “For those who are still using bicarb in your prime. There is some literature that states the occurrence of acidosis at the start of bypass is an iatrogenic event, that is due to the choices […]

Welcome to the New World : THAM

Click Image to View Source Article… Tham Dosage and Administration (ADULT Calculation) Tham Solution (mL of 0.3 M) Required = Kg x Base deficit x 1.1* Thus, a 70 kg patient with a buffer base deficit (“negative base excess”) of 5 mEq/liter would require 70 x 5 x 1.1 = 385 mL of Tham Solution […]