A Marvelous VAD Presentation from China

For every ACTION, there is an EQUAL and OPPOSITE REACTION. This theory impacts life’s varied circumstances, the CAUSE and EFFECT implication… Author / Editor: Co-Editor Anna Lou Villena 🙂 [10] Editor’s Note: This is an extraordinary PowerPoint presentation regarding VAD technology.  It is an eye-opener and definitely well worth viewing. Click image above to view […]

VAD / ECMO Policy: Generic & Universal

Editor’s Note: This is a disclaimer: As with all material presented on this site,  please use your own judgement as to what you feel is clinically safe, vetted, and makes sense to you.  This blog is NOT peer reviewed or sanctioned by any perfusion associated review board or academic body. That is not to say […]

Take the Leash off: The Wireless VAD

Click Image to View Article I ran across a link of this article on the SUNY FB site. So a big thank you to SUNY 🙂 . “Tetherless” power-transmission technology could radically change LVAD therapy…  By Reed Miller Ft Lauderdale, FL– Engineers have been trying to create a completely implantable ventricular assist device (VAD) that […]

New Technologies:

The CentriMag VAD (Levitronix) I was asked by one of our surgeons about this device.  Having not seen it personally, I wanted to solicit opinions of individuals that have had the opportunity to either trial it- or have seen a demonstration of this device.  Any and all comments would be appreciated, please leave them in […]