ICHF: A Man on a Mission: [2]

Author & Message:  Courtesy of Mr. Brian Forsberg, MPH, CCP ICHF Mission It is every child’s right to be born into a world where he or she can thrive, grow to be strong and make their parents proud. It is not, however, every child’s destiny. One in every 100 children born in the developing world […]

A Man on a Mission: [1]

Santa Domingo… I think we all have visions or dreams of what we find adventurous and fascinating about the field of perfusion.  I know I have thought of going to unusual places like Mongolia, or exotic South East Asian cities to work as a perfusionist.  Australia, New Zealand and the Maori warrior-spirit thing. Sepia toned […]

A Roman Dialogue: [1]

(Rome) Introduction Mr. Emiliano Vitalini, CCP is an Italian perfusionist that sent a note my way, and sent me a link to his impressive website http://www.perfusione.net/. I took a look at it and was amazed at the body of work- and the time and dedication it took.  I don’t speak Italian, although my family name […]

Yes or No ? Circuit Surfers Dot Com

And the Verdict is ? Yes it wasn’t scientific. True it was a little repetitious and the construct of a less than qualified statistician. Most likely it was self serving. But from that pile of political rubble, there is something to be gleaned. From what initially looked undecipherable, a little sparkle emerges. A hint of […]

Tunnel Vision

Causes Extreme fear or distress, most often in the context of a panic attack. During periods of high adrenaline production, such as an intense physical fight. Altitude sickness, hypoxia in passenger aircraft Exposure to oxygen at a partial pressure above 1.5-2 atmospheres, producing central nervous system oxygen toxicity, notably while diving.  Other symptoms can include […]

If What You Did Yesterday Seems Big…

IF WHAT YOU DID YESTERDAY SEEMS BIG, YOU HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING TODAY.  – Lou Holtz So this is a Perfusion Blog, and what does any of that have to do with us? Well to begin with we weren’t always us. Most of your old-school perfusionists had probably worked in another healthcare related field for quite […]

Methylene Blue & CPB

Is Methylene blue an Effective Adjunct Therapy for Treating Refractory Hypotension in Septic Endocarditis? This question was posed to me from a member of Perflist who submitted the question a few months ago. I really wasn’t familiar with the topic, have never seen Methylene Blue used for anything but urology cases to inspect the patency […]

Locums: TPD, LLC

Locums Available … I’m Greg Turp, CCP, LP, and have been involved in Adult Perfusion for 30 years and am available for short-term coverage of Adult Perfusion programs. The states that I am currently licensed to practice in are: TX MO AR GA Bio I am working for my own company, TPD, LLC, of which […]

WebCast Conference: 2011 Ongoing…

Tennessee Perfusion Association Presents … 2011 Ongoing… WebCast New for 2011 is the opportunity to view the TPA Conference via webcast, from any internet connected computer. We will be using a browser based streaming program that is compatible with all major browsers and operating systems, e.g. internet explorer, firefox, safari, chrome.  This will give members […]

Metabolism and Hypothermia

Metabolism and Hypothermia Hypothermia while being a common problem associated with all operations, remains an inseparable aspect of cardiopulmonary bypass that has a profound impact on most enzyme systems, and the coagulation cascade. Activated clotting time, prothrombin times and partial thromboplastin times are prolonged and platelets become nonfunctional as the body temperature is lowered (usually […]

9.11 . 2001

* 911 is like a Genetic Memory It is burned into the context of our society. * It begs the question of when the number 911 was initially designated as the universal distress signal, if there wasn’t a brief precognitive slip of racial intuition, and it was actually at that point a painful memory as […]

Give Me One More Kiss…

Give me one more Kiss & I will see you later … For most of my perfusion career and the rest of various first-assisting O.R. positions I have held, I was always about the patient. I don’t suggest that there were any lapses- since I was always very proactive in reassuring patients if I noticed […]

Lungs & CPB

Lungs & CPB The most common pulmonary complication associated with cardiopulmonary bypass is postoperative atelectasis of the lungs. Preoperative conditions that predispose the patient to developing partial or total collapse of the lung are, surfactant depletion and mucus cell hyperplasia associated with chronic bronchitis developed from smoking, decreased FRC encountered with obesity, and cardiogenic pulmonary […]

A-V Blocks

Atrioventricular Blocks Classifications Incomplete–1st degree, 2nd degree Complete — 3rd degree First degree Characterized pr interval greater than 0.20 sec.  Junctional tissue delays impulse longer than normal. Second degree Every atrial impulse no conducted through to the ventricles — PR interval may be normal, shortened, or prolonged, but there are more P waves than QRS’s. […]